My ankles hurt!

5 reps 4x’s each for a 5 circuit squat challenge may not sound like much but…you try it.
I did a serious morning training so after the first 5 my ankles began to feel it. We are not talking about butt or thighs. Take it for granted they feel it. But seriously my ankles!



3 sets of 5, for 6 different styles of squats may not sound like much but I did an early morning intensive training session and after the first 5 I hurt. This is a good sign. It means all this work is starting to pay off.
I went to an energy share today that was awesome. For the first time working with this group of healers I could really feel the energy flow. It is an experience to hold on to and indulge in the memory of.
Part of my roof blew off during a mini cell tornado that touched down. It has finally been repaired and the temperature is rising. Of course during the 28 to 30 degree weather the roof was open now it is in the 60’s heading up to 70 and my aluminum can ( trailer) is closed and warm.
A number of my friends have returned. It seems my red cardinal has had a son who looks just like him in miniture. Tiny birds with yellow heads, and giant ravens, even a quail have all made their presence known.


I was able to get a close up of one.

Squat challenge check in

Walked 2 miles to mailbox and back. Yard work and just completed day 2 of the challenge, 10 reps of each. Who is joining me for the month?
Jannie Styles check in.

Squat Challenge

I must not have enough to do or it is the promise of 70 degree weather come Monday but I have taken the 30 day squat challenge. Tonight was day one with 6 reps of 5 different squats. In 30 days I will be doing 200 a night. I found the squat circuit challenge on POPSUGAR.

Combining this with the weighted hula hoop I should be in great shape for spring and summer planting, weeding and all around care-taking of mother nature.

Best core workout ever!

Did the best core workout today. Arms and abs felt the burn. You don’t need a gym just a chain saw and wood.
First I went to the wood pile and chose some of the larger mesquite wood. It is a heavy hard wood. Cut it. Then you need to bend to pick up pieces and carry indoors.
When I had enough dry wood cut I went to my neighbors house. They had two trees lose branches in the snow. I filled the back of my pick up with wood came home and repeated another set of cut, bend, pick up and carry.
Best abs and arm workout ever and I have taught in the gym and athletic clubs for years. No membership needed.

7 for 1

That’s right burn 7 calories per minute and lose 3 to 6 inches in 4 weeks with only 3 days a week hooping.
I am so excited. I love my LED hula hoop. Not only is it fun but great exercise. I can’t wait to find out how the rabbits and quail react to the lights.


Here it is out of the package. It needs to open itself.


Opened and lights on. They change colors and make designs in space. It is also a little heavier than the one from the dollar store so I can hula hoop now for 10 minutes straight!
Lovin my LED hoop.

You are so fat!

meThis is a picture of me in high school.  My parents always told me I was fat. My father would joke about how my belly would hit the wall before my nose. So, I have always seen myself as fat and ugly. Awhile back a high school boyfriend sent me this photo and I was shocked to see I was not fat. I was angry but that was because the boy who took the picture said he couldn’t come to the concert with me because he was busy and then there he is. Check out my feet. I was wearing my favorite ballet slippers. I love that!

Amazing the power of words.

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