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Before The Storm






Sitting in Pictures

Most of you are familiar with sand paintings either done by Native Americans or Tibetan Monks.  They are used for various purposes usually healing or prayer. Here in the mainstream treasure maps or vision boards have become popular.  This is a modern extension of what is a very ancient practice. The Hopi people have used a practice for centuries termed, “sitting in pictures” and it involves a version of what called creative visualization. To sit in a picture is a way to find yourself back in harmony with all things including oneself.

It would be difficult for most of us to create an actual sand painting and spend days/nights sitting within the center of the circle and praying but most of us can create a vision board or treasure map for our life.  What is your dream? Where do you see yourself and how does that relate to the rest of the world, to all beings, all things? Are you congruent? Are you on your path or have you deterred off for some reason?

Without going into too much detail draw a circle as large or small and you would like.  glue a recent photo of yourself onto the center point.  Now if you are working to regain health or a former weight level use a photograph of when you felt your best. Now surround the photo with pictures, words form magazines or personal drawings, attach representative pieces or objects if you like. Beads or glitter, ribbons etc are all up to you. Create a physical representation of your creative visualization of your life.  Sit in your picture and let it resonate with body, mind, heart and spirit. Become in harmony, balance or walk in beauty. Place this in a location you will see daily.  Give yourself the pleasure of meditating on the images for 10 minutes a day. Miricals can and do happen.

Sole Stories

What do your feet say about the path you have walked?  This is your sole/soul story.  Many of us think we walk a good path only to find out we are so far off the path it is impossible to get back on. How many times do we put boulders and stones on the path to make what should be simple and easy difficult.  Perhaps we fear we are not deserving of a clear pathway. To stumble and fall is often times necessary as long as one picks themself up, dusts off and begins the walk again.

I know that at times I have gone down a blind alley and had to back track.  Didn’t I just drive across the country and back to end up in the exact place I left almost a year ago?  Although I do not feel I will stay here for long it is where I am for now.

The most commonly broken toe is the fourth toe, the water toe which represents relationships.  Interesting, yes? Remember the big bunion on Grandma’s big toe? Did she grow up in a time where women gave up their desires or work for the husband?  Or perhaps she claimed her destiny as a nurturer and committed herself to it.  There are many different meanings for each toe, bruise, the lines and color of the sole.

How have you walked in this life? Are you on your true path or have you for what ever reason been pushed off your souls pathway? Do you carry a badge of honor marked by a bunion, callous or broken bone some place on your foot?

So here is to the walk and may we all walk the good road.

Step gentle on the earth for she is your mother.  Respect the sky for it is your father.  There is great wisdom in the stones if we only slow down enough to listen. Today let us walk out in Beauty.

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