Meal Planning

Packed and ready for the adventure. No marmalade but I have almonds and hard boiled egg for the trip. Not very exciting but the container of farmer’s market salsa wouldn’t fly so I had to down grade the meal plan. It is not that I can’t go 4 hours without eating it is just that it is SO boring sitting on a plane squished between two grumpy people who lost  money in Vegas.

Well, here’s to positive thinking… wonderful happy people with interesting lives and exciting conversations. New friends, good times and the ride seems to go so fast there is no time to eat a hard boiled egg.  The thought of the egg is not very appetizing. I do have peanut butter to put on white cheddar rice cakes.  Not a good option either.  Okay, I have to think fast. What would Paddington Bear do in this situation?  Honestly I don’t like marmalade.  Pooh Bear would eat a jar of huny but that won’t work since it will be classified as liquid.

I do have an avocado.  That could work.  I wonder if it would mix with hard boiled egg. Or organic peanut butter?


Strolling with the Lizards

Walking in the Calico Basin we were joined by a friend. Lizards are messages and finders of information for seekers  We saw 4 lizards on our walk.

Walking in the

Night Light

Moving through the night stillness


It’s a shoe in!

I re-packed my suitcase again this morning.  For now I am going with the buckskin cowboy boots and put the hot pink sandal spike heel in the closet but there are still 5 more days to change my mind.

How about a vote: cowboy boots   pink sandals or  tan sandals? Or the red & white ones? Ahh… pick two, thanks.


Fantasy & Reality

We all live in our own world of reality as we see it. We can create magic bubbles to protect us or fantasy to engulf us.  My reality or sight is never the same as another.  If my tiny canoe is floating smoothly on the water there is no need to fill it with turmoil and yet so many people do.  Then to their shock and horror the canoe begins to rock, to shake and eventually to tip over into a now rough and wild water. If you don’t like to swim with sharks don’t shake the canoe until it rides within the dark brackish water. sounds like a very simple solution. But….

I taught a soul retrieval class the other day and we had to examine our soul stories.  What gave birth to the pattern or life contract that we wrote? It is not the present energy that is the problem but the origination point. So if you no longer want to flounder in brackish shark infested oceans simply break the pattern. Not quite as easy as it sounds.  One must journey back, perhaps present life, past life or even ancestral/cultural agreement.  This is where we begin to understand the power of words and not just the words but how we have put them together.

One woman who believed in a past life she prayed that her children die before her really meant to make the agreement that her children know she was with them and supportive.  She had to go back and correct the agreement to help her daughter heal, from an aggressive deadly cancer.  Words, life contracts: very important that we actually say what we mean and mean what we say or we shall create chaos in our life.

The shamanic soul retrieval is very close to psychotherapy with the collective unconscious only it does not sit in talk therapy but actually takes it a step further to physical change.  No one can return from a soul retrieval the same as when they left.  And no one would want to.

So in your reality are you surrounded by sharks who continue to appear and destroy your dreams or do you float within enchantment and joy?

Sparkle On!

I love these magnificent animals and even had one for a pet once.  I like because I am so much like them. They love all sparkly glittery bits and so do I.  I make raccoon art.  It glitters and sparkles.  They say people throw stones at those who sparkle and it is true but I sparkle on.  How do you sparkle?



Magnificent light, powerful night  only in the darkness do you shine The darker the sky the stronger you glow.   I can never lose my way so:  Sparkle On!

Who would have thought

Who would have thought that taking care of my self and my own needs would make some people think it was about them? I do not exist to be a pawn in your life but to be a player in mine.  Lately I have been drawing a minimum of 3 hours a day.  That is three hours that I do not answer the phone, watch tv or even eat.  Sometimes it is five hours.  This is something I need to be doing for myself.  My self.  That is it simple short and sweet.  In the other hours I have moved boxes some mine some my son’s as he is taking over my apt.  This behavior has nothing to do with anyone but me. Me.

See I have not mentioned you or another.  I am excited and looking forward to seeing my grandchildren, daughter, her husband, my brother, his wife and friends in NYC, NC and maybe even a trip up to Maine to see the wild Atlantic and my cousin.  I am sorry but none of this has anything to do with anyone but myself.  There is no drama, no trauma, no bad feelings or..?  What there is, is love and excitement about the future, where I am going and what I am about to do. So this is the one and only explanation you get and that is only because I do care and I am not into drama or negative words. But that is all.  From now on it is about me.  You see my reality is mine and I am doing what I need to do to keep my world solid, real and fun.

Yes, I do take time to write in this blog because it is also part of my world and the people who have become friends, visit or leave comments matter to me. What has been illuminated is that when I define my world and boundaries, needs and desires, it should not diminish anything but the world seems to not only resist change but often times fight against it. Not the world that is incorrect but often times people who have grown comfortable in their routine resist and fight against change.  I saw it bring out anger almost rage in a person when something she loved participating in was changing from weekly to once a month.  I know it came from a place of sadness and disappointment but the organizers did not do it to her they did it because they needed and desired the change in their world. Of course the organizers tried to explain why but there was no explanation that fit into her reality to satisfy her personal need or counter the disappointment.

So here is to change and to each and every individual living their own personal authentic life.  You see the one thing I have learned is to love me and that the only thing I can truly be in Yotaki. Even if salted I suck at being the pretzel that makes you happy.

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