Good morning sun, good morning moon


Morning sun


Morning moon.
It’s great to see two friends at the same time.



3 sets of 5, for 6 different styles of squats may not sound like much but I did an early morning intensive training session and after the first 5 I hurt. This is a good sign. It means all this work is starting to pay off.
I went to an energy share today that was awesome. For the first time working with this group of healers I could really feel the energy flow. It is an experience to hold on to and indulge in the memory of.
Part of my roof blew off during a mini cell tornado that touched down. It has finally been repaired and the temperature is rising. Of course during the 28 to 30 degree weather the roof was open now it is in the 60’s heading up to 70 and my aluminum can ( trailer) is closed and warm.
A number of my friends have returned. It seems my red cardinal has had a son who looks just like him in miniture. Tiny birds with yellow heads, and giant ravens, even a quail have all made their presence known.


I was able to get a close up of one.

Traditional Mongolian Yurt

The yurt arrived mid-day, 100 degrees and thanks to a neighbor and friend, Shirley, who kept us in iced smoothies we survived the heat and set up.


Standing inside the yurt space that will be covered and looking up at the sky. The wheel or top is called the tono, (I may be misspelling) you can see the beautiful hand painted Mongolian designs. The poles were hand shaped as well as hand painted. All materials are natural, horse hair ropes, sheep wool felt. I purchased the yurt from Groovy Yurts. Thank you to Yves and Christine who directed and set up the yurt. Two fabulous people. I highly recommend anyone interested in buying a yurt contact Yves at Groovy yurts.

20150530_175337_resizedHere is the yurt set up but not quite finished. There is a sky light on top with a space for a pipe if I choose to put in a wood burning stove. The top also has a heavy duty canvas that can cover the opening against rain or winds or just if you want more darkness.


Please be forgiving as this is after 3 plus hours of hard work in the hot sun. My brother, Me standing on the rock and Yves (who is 6’5″) from Groovy Yurts who did most of the hard work. Eddie and Christine unfortunately are not in the picture.

If you notice the blue scarf around my shoulders, it is from a ceremony Yves performed at the end of set up in the Mongolian tradition. The blue scarf represents respect.


The top of the yurt is now covered. The moon is just coming out and one of my neighbors is standing on a post checking out the new construction.


Full moon over the yurt.

There are many traditions and practices that go with a yurt and I shall tell you more about the history and stories tomorrow. But for tonight sweet dreams from the desert.

Taking a Bath

Looking out my kitchen window this morning I saw my friend taking a bath.



Broke back Mountain


There is a loneliness that only empty chairs can hold.

Numbers are like Popcorn

Went to the lumber yard again today. Where everyone knows my name. Actually, 3 lumber yards all know me by name and one by purchase. A very interesting phenomenon.

Anyway, here I am showing diagrams and plans both from the manufacturer and ones I worked out when the man very calmly says it is very simple just put a pencil at the end of a string a draw a circle. Ha! Like I haven’t done that before!  I very maturely roll my eyes and twist my mouth and he asks me what’s wrong with that? I say nothing. The first time I measure the circle the pencil breaks or perhaps the string stretches so I buy the expensive yellow non-stretch string or measure a second and third time to be certain of accuracy and then the numbers and measurements turn into popcorn they all just jump up into the air bounce around and fall where they may. Never in the same spot.

He smiles and looks at me, “What?” I said numbers are like pop corn and they stress me out. They jump up and pop around.” I must have looked pitiful because Wednesday on his day off he offered to come by and help me measure the circle.

New friend



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