Twisted Winds Halted

Forceful winds blow foreboding

no longer warnings.

The danger has arrived

Winds entangle lies, lies caught between the bamboo stalks

shattered promises, hope devastated,

broken scattered remnants.

Powerful winds unable to budge memories stuck in the quagmire of time.

I’d say Goodbye if

Driving home I hear a country western song and one line was, “I’d say goodbye but I don’t remember her name.” I may not have quoted it correctly. He was singing about leaving in the morning but the woman he had spent the night with was still sleeping.

This post is about The Queen of Hearts. I spent 2 nights on the train sleeping next to a woman who called herself the queen of hearts. She gave me her card.

The Queen of Hearts was a very troubled woman, her ex was going to prison, she was leaving her daughter and grandchildren behind and her health was not good.  During the ride her diabetes acted up and finally caused her system to begin to shut down.

But oh she was funny! A sharp sense of humor with a cutting edge and honest to a needle point. And kind. In spite of all she was quietly suffering through she was good, forgiving and made us family. Even the two young men in the seat behind us grew to be allies. That’s how it is on the train. The last night just hours before her stop she called to me, “Gypsy, ( her name for me), I have a DNR on top of my purse, if anything happens give it to them.” She was shivering and sweating often getting delirious. “I”m scared, please help me.” “I hope my brother is at the stop.” Again she insisted I find the DNR and told me about other aliments. Finally, when she could no longer move I got the conductor who called for an ambulance to meet the train at the next stop.

It seemed endless but finally the stop with brother and ambulance appeared. It took time as the twisted stairway is very narrow but they transported her onto a gurney and as the train pulled away so did the ambulance. I will never forget the Queen of Hearts and hope she has survived. Today listening to a song about sleeping with a woman who he did not even remember the name of made me recall a woman, a Queen of Hearts, who I shall never forget. During the train ride she told me of her dream to open a restaurant and together we visualized and named it. Amethyst. Elegant, international foods, lavender decor, inside a cottage house with a large glass window. Should you ever see a restaurant Named Amethyst please tell the Queen of Hearts Gypsy said hello.


Writers advice

David Farland sends out a newsletter: Kick in the Pants. I copied and pasted this from his newsletter. I find it to be great advice as well as inspiring. “Among the Welsh, a poet was called a Maker. The idea was that with words he could create illusions that were so deep, so profound, that it was as if he were bringing his dreams to life. When a Maker describes a stream, you can hear the babbling of the brook as water goes rolling over stones. You can taste the mist rising from limpid pools on the back of your tongue, along with sunlight and autumn leaves. As you kneel to drink, water striders dart through your imagination.

When a Maker tells a tale, he doesn’t just explain what emotions a character feels. He’s not satisfied with just “showing” the emotion by describing it accurately. His goal is to make you experience the tale. His goal is to bring you into the tale so forcefully, that you live through it.”


Mount charleston is burning. A horrible fire. As the sun iturns blood red. animal blood rises into the skies. The peoples tears weave in the clouds. Here in the city we inhale ash and Memories of the past up in smoke.

Urban Artifacts

Yes m’dear it is hot in Vegas walking home frome the supermarket I saw this gem embedded in the got road.

I had to go back for a close up. And to think it is only 115 degrees out at 11:30 AM.


I know I live in Vegas but

Okay, so admitting I live in Vegas aleady explains a lot but let me tell you a little bit of how my day went.
I’ll begin with the printer running out of ink so I drive off to the store. Nothing unusual about that untill I come home. The last week was extermly windy and the crystal candle holders blew off the ledge. I hadn’t noticed a crystal shattered until a sliver embedded itself into my foot. Pain anguish blood.
Took care of the foot & went to change the computer ink. Open the box someone took out half the ink replaced it with empties and glued up the box. Back to the store. Check the box before leaving all is good.
Driving home a pirate is standing on his front lawn pleasantly conversing with a neighbor. Now i’m used to seeing elvis but a pirate hat and all is unusual.
We won’t mention all the cars and motor bikes driving without lights at 8:30 at night or the right turns from left lanes. After the pirate I thought I was good for the day until the man in plaid bermuda shorts & cowboy boots was walking his freshly dyed pink dog in the parking lot.
I haven’t been drinking but I am thinking about it. Nah, just a typical day in Las Vegas.

Dancing the Bones of the Wind

She danced the way of the ancients
As they had before her
Would continue to dance after.
Still the movement continues undulating through her vibrant body resting momentarially
outstretched in a healing gesture.

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