Unpacked & Thinking: Gypsy Journey

brick and if you don’t mind walking you can reach every section of town. The surrounding mountains are beautiful. Everyone I have met is friendly although it has been a week and I have not made a “friend” yet, I guess that is the downside of coming to town without a job.  A job provides ready made friends.

There is a fantastic pizza place with a real brick oven that allows you to watch the flames as the pizza bakes.  Both a Chinese and steak house have been highly recommended. I will spread the visits out. One each week.  The weather is turning cold and hiking up and down the steep hills is less enticing and I don’t want to be packing on the pounds. Actually, I met a writer at one cafe who told me he will be back next week.  It was an interesting conversation. If I go back I will let you know.

This afternoon I will experience a reflexology treatment and facial cupping.  I never had facial cupping so I look forward to the experience.

One thought and I would love any feedback you may have.  When people learn that I just came out here no job, no family, just a dart on the board kind of pick of towns,  they all say, “I wish I was that brave”,” that takes courage”, and opinions following the thought.  For me it is just natural.  I have always been that way and likely always will be. So the question is: To me what feels natural, moving across the ocean, country to country, state to state to others seems brave or courageous. What do you think?  Why would it be thought brave when it seems simply natural for me?

  Pizza oven.




For me

The most difficult piece of the puzzle

Is to be still

The Road Most Taken

There are many roads to choose from in life. Poets tell us to take the one less traveled yet when i stand and envision the past with all the travelers and the present tires that roll over the bricks so carelessly i wonder…
I wonder, dream what it would be like to travel the road most taken.


Dear Santa


Dear Santa

I guess I should begin by saying I wish for world peace but that’s not true. Of course I don’t want war or killing but I do feel there needs to be a certain amount of conflict in life and relationships.  That is how we learn about others and how to get along, by solving conflicts not killing so judge me if you will but I am not going to open with world peace.

Okay, Santa you never visited me as a kid but what the heck. I remember one year when I took my children to Disneyland and my son sat on your lap and asked for a Daddy you didn’t bring that either but we don’t always get what we want. Enough about the past.

My number one wish would be if you could put forgiveness and love into my daughter’s heart. I miss her and want her to accept me as a part of her life and my grandchildren’s life.

The second is for my son.  He has seen so much trouble; accidents, injury and pain in his life please protect him and let his path be a more gentle one this year.

Of course, my wish for health and happiness for all my family and friends.

That about covers everything except for me.

Santa, I want to find a home.  I know I get bored and journey a lot but I want a home base, a place I can unpack and come back to. It would be great if I met and got together with a sweetheart.  Not a lover or boyfriend those are a dime a dozen but a sweetheart who loves and honors me as I do him. I need a little help finding my way and sticking with the creative side not giving in to doing the right thing or being there for others. So it boils down to this, Santa, I wish for courage, courage to be me.

Christmas Miracles

They have started playing all those Christmas shows on Hallmark station.  You know the type where everyone falls in love, the ranch is saved and only happy ending happen.  Maybe there are miracles.  I think I’ll try to write a letter to Santa maybe just maybe this time is a charm. I hope there is enough fairy dust in the air to make me believe.


Hole in the Wall



Photographs of Trinidad


View looking over the town towards the mountains.

The river that runs by the park.

Street scene with some southwestern style homes.

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