Message in the rain clouds

A gentle female rain greeted the dawn surrendering to a silent sunrise and heavy grey skies. The day grew lighter reaching temperatures of 105 causing everyone to slow down and even grow sleepy.  We waded through the day with soft interactions until it was time to each go in our own direction. The sky now once again grows dark and the thunder rumbles, heavy fat drops sound like pebbles as they are thrown from the sky.  The gods must just have wanted to get our attention as they stopped in 30 seconds. No rainbow was left to speak of hope and futures.  What message was I to hear? The soft nurturing female rain gives path for the the strong male thunder and hard pellets of water.  I feel there is a warning hanging low in the heavy sky.


Finding the Good

Finding the Good in something or someone has amazing results.  It is not always easy but is without a doubt worth the time and effort.  I searched for the good in a few people who for some unknown reason found great pleasure in being hostile towards me.  After two weeks of utter failure I drew the line and in no uncertain terms said this will not be tolerated and the consequence for your cruelty is…  and a boundary was built.  This boundary, although not liked, was and is respected with very interesting results. Today I found that I felt better about the situation and about myself having put the boundary in place and the others felt a sense of relief and respect for it.  This allowed for an opening of common ground.  Through casual conversation I was able to find a spark of goodness within this person. Gently, I held on to it and pulled it out by showing interest and asking questions.  My kindness was met with smiles and I could see her fill with pride as she spoke about it.

There is a story about a young boy whose Grandfather was sitting with him by the campfire.  The grandfather turns to his grandson and while looking into his eyes asks, ” If in life you have a hungry wolf who walks on either side of you.  Which one grows strongest?” The young boy could not answer.  He grandfather said, “The one you feed of course!”  So here is to feeding the good wolf, the joy and goodness that lies within each of us.  Although this can often be hidden under anger, hatred, pain, or sadness.  I will continue to look for the good. Where have you found the good in another?

Medicine Wheel East Direction

Having accepted a job that turned out to be vastly different than advertised to be I have have spent the past 2 weeks extremely stressed and confused as t o stay or walk away. I did the usual asking advice from everyone and for the most part not liking the answers they provided.  Of course each one had responded clearly from their personal perspective.  I realized today that the only good and true answer had to come from me.

Not having a medicine wheel where I now live. I took the sacred pollen out to greet the sun and honored the four directions.  Then facing the East asked for guidance and wisdom, knowledge and understanding to do the right thing and of course the courage to walk in my own foot prints.

The East is the direction of wisdom, understanding, the mind and intellect. As I stood in my yard facing the morning sun I realized that to face the sun, the east direction I was also standing in the West.  The West is the direction of the physical, movement, to take action. It was time for me to take action.

Standing frozen in time and space waiting for someone to tell me what to do was not going to work.  I needed to start moving.  Once inertia becomes movement even just a gesture, it continues to move.  So I made my first decision and began to move on it.  It was small but ultimately will be the catalyst for larger and more grandiose gestures.  Inertia has now become kinetic energy.

Would things have been different if I stood in the East and faced the west as I asked for insight and answers? Yes, I am sure.  Perhaps I would have seen how I was wasting time spinning my wheels and yet going no place searching for answers.  That no matter how many people I ask for advice or direction ultimately the answer is within my heart.  And yes, I did find the answer.  I am going to continue with my partial day job and work on my Walking The Wheel lifestyle program of fitness for mind, body, heart & spirit.  Through this I also teach about the medicine wheel and how it can be used by individuals and corporations, for healing and problem solving and so much more.  The challenge for me is to become more adroit at the computer.

So here is my first gift to you, an introduction to the medicine wheel and the East Direction.

May you walk in Beauty.


Everyday another chance to make your dream come true

I was in a bookstore that was having a closeout sale.  This in it’s self is a very sad comment.  None the less as I strolled about I saw a book, a journal actually, nice old fashioned cloth cover with fadded flowers but it was the words written in gold on the cover that caused me to buy it.

                                                                                  Everyday another chance to make your dream come true


So each day I write in the book a dream or short sentence about the positive progress of accomplishing a dream.  I love the thought each day is another opportunity to make the dream come true.  Another step closer and so that has become my mantra.  Today is the day!

Dragon Dance

Can you see all the amazing dragons dancing in the sky?

When does the pain of not doing….

When does the pain of not doing become greater than the pain of doing?

That is the point of change.  Facing one’s fears is more simple when it is a snake or elevator that is feared and one can slowly face and overcome by acclimatizing.  But when the fear has become a belief it must then cause enough pain to ignite motion or nothing will happen.  We can rationalize and justify so well with the strength of the conscious mind that sitting in the muck becomes comfortable.

To release one self from the hold, the suction of that quagmire is what becomes difficult or impossible for many. So…

What are you willing to live for?

Has the pain of not living with integrity grown stronger then the pain of conforming or not doing?

Today the pain of not doing has been overcome.  Today I shall face one of my greatest challenges.  I ask you to join me as you face yours.

Fear & belief

Does what we fear hold our focus until it becomes a belief.  That which we believe is of course a reality for us.  Our life is run by our personal belief system.  So if the underlying cause of a belief is a fear it can stop us from progressing or becoming that which in our soul we truly are. Are you running your life from fear or in actuality stopping your life or have you had the courage to face that fear, up-root the faulty belief system and go out to accomplish your bliss?

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