The Buffalo walks through the storm

December and the winter is here. The direction of the north and the spirit ancestor is the Buffalo.

The cold white snow begins to fall and what does the buffalo do? He bends that strong wooly head and walks slowly one foot at a time directly through the storm. He does not shrink back or waver right nor left he proceeds straight and slowly he steadily walks until he once again emerges from the other side free from the storm. What an incredible creature the buffalo.

The buffalo walks in a sacred way. He carries messages and guidance from the ancestors. The message of the buffalo is abundance so give thanks of gratitude and praise. The buffalo protects others and even sacrifices self therefore connecting us to mother earth.

What ever the struggle or challenge is for your this month reconnect to all beings, to mother earth put the strong wooly part of your head forward and march towards your goal sure footed and steady like the buffalo who teaches us this winter. As we walk gently upon the earth we carry with us the love and wisdom of the ancestors.                                                          All My Relations, Yotaki Beautywalk


walking the labyrinth

Laborynth Walk

The concept of walking the labyrinth is to walk in silence as you bring your focus from the outside world into the self. One can pray, ask for answers, be joyful there is no right or wrong way to walk. this one in Tucson at Unity Church is in a beautiful location high up on the mountains so as you turn you can view vistas and city. It was so quite I could hear auto traffic miles below but was able to tune the sounds out.

Off to the side was a bench with an angel sitting on it. So I sat next to it but sitting next to a naked baby with wings made me a little uncomfortable even if it was made from concrete. That was never my idea of what an angel looked like. Mostly it reminded me of my neighbor who has one of those tiny fat dogs that look like miniature cows, well he puts wings on the dog and has it run about the yard. the whole thing is freaky.

It was a lovely walk and I hope that the centering will pay off and I will see my future a bit more clearly.

Little retail & food therapy

After a little retail and food therapy I am fine. Just feeling really guilty about the food and no exercise but I will be back on the right foot tomorrow.

Went to the mall and bought a boat neck pale orange sweatshirt $7.00 and then to the tortilla factory and got a carne asada green chile bean burrito. $4.99 Yum! So the money wasn’t extravagant.  Like the way I rationalize?

Not so bad as bad goes but my stomach is FULL! Did some editing and rewriting on my novel.  I’m looking forward to the winners party or just end of month party Friday night for everyone who participated in the NaNoWriMo challenge. I did a labyrinth walk before the retail therapy and will post those pictures soon.

I quit!

I quit! Yes, I finally did it.  I am not made to be a pretzel or to twist and turn to please you but what I am is HONEST. Always have been and always will be. Do not say I have not done something I did or that I did something I did not. I quit working at the school and not because of the students because of the administration. They lie, twist and blame without accepting any responsibility for what they do. To write an email accusing me of not doing something I have done everyday and send it out to everyone then to threaten me for responding to the email with proof I did and sending to reply which goes to all who got the first email. So once again because I spoke the truth and stood up for myself I became at fault.

I have learned a few things: one I really love some of the students, teachers can’t be trusted and they have no backbone, I do not lie and will not buckle under pressure from an abusive boss.

I am almost over the anger and will be in good shape by tomorrow.

Frightening future

Sometimes I feel like different aspects inside one body which I guess I am and probably most everyone else is too. For tomorrow I go to work, fill out forms, count attendance, read announcements and oh yes teach.  Although the teaching part I believe is held secondary to everything else at the school. It is sad.

Then I will come home and work on my novel for a few hours before going to a Healing Touch Circle I volunteer at and then come home to sleep.

The parts of me that mesh work well together but the part that must fill out forms, tell students to tuck in their shirts and wear IDs that part does not mesh so well. No one can answer the question as to why it is more important for a male student to tuck in his shirt than to be quite and pay attention in class or why it is less important for students to be mindful of due dates and actually do homework.  Of course there is no reason for them to do homework because the last week the office will give them make up work assignments or just alter the grade.  It is frightening to think these are soon to be the work force and the ones who will decide our fate.

I did it !

I did it!!!!!!

I finished my novel 50,015 words!  Yippee!! Wow!


River view


Walking along the river the dry river bed shows off the many textures.

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