Land of Lost Socks

I now know how socks enter that alternet universe and disappear. I stood helpless in the laudary mat watching as my sock was slowly being pulled into the netherland.
At one point i thought of opening the door and snatching it back as visions of water came rushing out covering the floor with soap and soaking clothes.
Reason returned. Having only a limited supply of quarters. I watched helpless as with each turn my sock went deeper and deeper into the unknown.
I knew no one would believe me so I took a photograph as proof.
A fond fairwell, dear sock.




Shall I leave the comfort and safety of what I know?
Does courage burn hot within my veins?
Head thrown back, shoulders like giant wings expand, heart open
I introduce myself to the world for I am me


Open Heart vs Death

I drove through the darkness of dawn full with ghosts

A friend asked me to take her to the hospital for an angygram

The doctors had told her she had a leaky heart valve and needed open heart surgery

Depressed & frightened she made out a will, wrote the names of people on the back of objects. found new homes for her animals should the worst occur

As she climbed into the truck both her nerves and teeth chattered, words spilling forth just to be doing something

I smiled, listened trying to be reassuring, comforting, a friend

After they poked her full of holes attaching tubes, causing bruising

They let me come back

I held her hand and showed her photographs of the many states I had traveled over the past year

We spoke of dreams, places to see, places to live

Making a pack to travel to Ireland after the open heart surgery in celebration

time and silence entered the space

The nurse had been called and she was wheeled into the cold hallway to await the the surgeon.

Tears formed in her eyes as I was directed to exit via the double doors

An hour later I was visited by the surgeon with a huge smile on his face declaring the electrocardiogram was wrong she did not need open heart surgery.  There were no leaking valves


We still plan to visit Ireland

But more than that, more than that I plan to live my life


To tell my stories, make my art open my heart not to death but to life

Without fear or compromise

I have a story to tell please listen

Misty Morning Dragons

Misty Morning protecting heavy grey skies

cold water drips without rhythm

Dragons hide within the clouds

Afternoon Sky

Afternoon Sky

2 Things I learned today

1. It takes longer to get used to cooking on an electric stove then I expected.

2. Never allow a garlic clove to go down the kitchen sink garbage disposal.

Grandmother Earth

From the womb of grandmother earth the waters of birth are frozen in time.


How perfect a spot for lightening to strike.

Passive Aggressive or just down right Aggressive

Time to sound off just because it has been eating at me. My son’s girlfriend has gone through great loss over the past 3 years.  I have been there for her.  She has even said, “You are the only one who gets it.” So I do not understand her hostility.  Friends have said she is jealous of the positive relationship I have with my son and wants to destroy it.  Which in a crazy way makes sense but is not a good thing to do.

She is presently stringing my son along waiting for her house bid to be approved by the bank bus in the meantime disallowed me to visit at his apt. where she is living and de-friended me on facebook. The de-friending me tells me right there her intention is to dump him as soon as the house comes through for her.  She has broken his heart once before.

The part that effects me is that while I was in South Dakota she said all my stuff had to go into storage immediately so she had room.  I would have come back and packed, even offered to numerous times.  Now that I am taking boxes from my storage unit I have found my things were just thrown into a box, boxes piled up and smashed, antique sewing machine and other objects precious to me broken.  She promised she would take care and that her friend was a professional mover/packer and the utmost care would be taken and I should not worry.

My predicament is I want to say something to her.  I don’t want to damage my relationship with my son or hurt him by getting her angry breaking up with him or taking it out on him is some way and of course blaming me.  So in the meantime I have said nothing except one time to my son when I was in tears about everything broken, since that one time I have not said anything about the storage or her.  I feel she is abusive, passive aggressive and most self centered. Yes, I do have a degree in psychology and can say these things.  I also feel it will do no good to say anything to her but I need to let loose.  So I just did.  If anyone has any suggestion I would be glad to hear it.


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