Yard Gift


Another gift from my yard. A beautiful marble.



And so she will remain a beautiful memory
She was someone he always lusted for
A past never born
The sands blur all vision
Dreams painfully desired
Eyes clouded, mind empty
Wind & sand mix
Burning, burning,ensconced in time
Memory itself is not enough
Tears of pain creating mud rivers
Trapping past whispers

Blind, she could not see
Deaf, she could not hear
The world rumbled about her
Lost in the void
Gripped tightly in the fist of time
Altering color and form
Compressed by the living breathing dancing dust,
She sees no other world
Frozen in time

Where do you see beauty?

Walking around my yard is like being on a treasure hunt, says my son.


I found the vase as I was raking.


Beauty in the stones.


Among the weeds.


Again, where do you see beauty?

No Windows

A room with no windows
Is a
Heart with no soul.

Yotaki Beautywalk

Shadow World

Dancing in the shadow world
She sees secrets
Forever unspoken
Hearing whispers of dreams not yet formed
Red foam rises up from the ocean floor
As green tears slide into the sea
Labyrinth twists and turns until all paths are straight
Confusing transient reality
Each the other.

Adorable 3

My new water


My new water holding tank.

How Do You See the World?

I text my son the other day and finally felt like I wasn’t alone in my reality any more.
I had been scrapping a sticker off the window and stopped when I noticed a face appeared.


( If you look on the right the face is in white.)
I sent the photo to my son without directions of where to look.
He text back.
“Crazy how different we see the world compared to others”
Welcome to my reality! It is so nice to know there are others walking here as well. 
The door is open please come in and view life through my eyes.

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