Time to say good-bye


The temperature has been in the high 90’s and extreme
Heat warnings for a week now so I think it may be time to put the heaters in storage and flow up the electric blanket.


After careful study


After a month of careful intense study I have come to the conclusion that cottontail and jackrabbit do not understand English. Keep out of the mint, don’t eat the prickly pears and stay away from the roses fall on deaf ears.


I woke up this morning and found a quarter under my pillow. First thought was, toothfairy? But I have all my teeth. Not sure where it came from but perhaps the next time it could be a $20!


You just need balls


I saw the quote on the back of a man’s shirt and thought I would feminized it.
Since I can’t get anyone to come and do repair work out here or when they do I must redo it I’ve signed up for residential construction classes at the college. I believe I deserve a big hot pink ball.

All eyes on me


This morning I woke with an odd feeling. As I got dressed I had the strange sensation I was being watched.
Sure enough 5 sets of eyes were staring at me.


A family of deer stood perfectly still watching. As I aimed the camera they took off. A family of five tromped across my yard as calm as could be.

Channeling Keith Richards

This morning I awoken happy to finally have my washing machine repaired and looking forward to washing clothes.
Clothes are in the machine and will soon need a place to dry. You may remember how the line broke leaving all my wet clothes in the dirt.
So I climb the mesquite tree and start tying on the line.  Bees are very curious and distracted me enough I fell out of the tree my knee connecting with a hard rock.  I am fine a bruse and a bit of stiffness.  All I could think of was Keith richards..being a sensible woman i ran inside to hopefully find I only channeled falling out of a tree not his petrified looks. Assuring myself all was well I checked my knee a small scrape some swelling but not bad at all. I covered it with frankincense oil and ice.
The morning progressed clothes were hung to dry and I drive to the mail box where I open a warrent for my arrest from another state. My name was not correct but just as people interchange jack, jon, john, Juan it still needed to be investigated. I called the justice department who after asking for birthday and other personal information assured me it was not me and they would remove my address from the warrent. 
Well it’s just another day in the high desert.

Cowgirl Up

Sometimes despite how you hurt you just need to pull up your chaps, strap on your gun, and get back in the saddle.
You never know when that horse can turn into a unicorn.

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