3 sets of 5, for 6 different styles of squats may not sound like much but I did an early morning intensive training session and after the first 5 I hurt. This is a good sign. It means all this work is starting to pay off.
I went to an energy share today that was awesome. For the first time working with this group of healers I could really feel the energy flow. It is an experience to hold on to and indulge in the memory of.
Part of my roof blew off during a mini cell tornado that touched down. It has finally been repaired and the temperature is rising. Of course during the 28 to 30 degree weather the roof was open now it is in the 60’s heading up to 70 and my aluminum can ( trailer) is closed and warm.
A number of my friends have returned. It seems my red cardinal has had a son who looks just like him in miniture. Tiny birds with yellow heads, and giant ravens, even a quail have all made their presence known.


I was able to get a close up of one.


Rose Quartz

People do lots of things with crystals and when my friend Sarah starting talking about rose quarts during her Reiki circle I didn’t expect to hear what I heard. As most of you who read this blog likely know rose quarts works with heart energy and love. She said how at night when she charges up her phone a rose quarts crystal is placed onto top of the phone and the next day she will receive the most wonderful messages. Since there is a double retrograde going on I felt it would be good to try and to help prevent negativity. I rested my phone on top of a large rose quartz candle holder as it charged all night.  It was late when I arrived home tired and not wanting to go through my stones I thought this was a good solution.

I can’t wait for all the happy messages to start coming through!

Chi Cultivation

Chi cultivation, energy building all very important aspects of our life. Over the past few days some very sad and strange things have been put before me. People who have appeared healthy and vigorous are now fighting cancer and other debilitating diseases. Others have gone through personal issues of emotions and mental experiences.  Therefore I thought I would share a few exercises to help you build chi and vitality.

1. Bring your hands palms together about 1/2″ apart. Open your palms about 1″ to 2″ then bring them back together.  You may feel a resistance, bouncy feeling, tingle or more or less.  Keep opening and closing your palms and you will find the chi building up.

2. Now take a piece of cotton or a cotton ball and place it in the palm of your hand. The above hand acts like a hollow straw sending energy/chi into the cotton ball. You can use the cotton ball to reduce fevers.

3. Stand and imagine your feet are growing roots into the center of the earth. Center yourself. Now imagine that you are pulling up chi/energy from the center of the earth. Let this energy fill your body.

4. Those of you who live near a forest or by pine trees of any kind walk over to the trees and find one that is not close to traffic or pollution. Lightly place your finger tips to the pine needles. Feel the chi enter into your body through the tips of your fingers. At the same time you can imagine a beautiful green color surround you.  some may even smell the fresh pine scent.

5. Standing in the sunshine in a place where you can be barefoot, keep your feet shoulder distance apart, arms out to the sides begin to feel the sun on the top of your head.  Imagine the golden light coming in through the crown top and filling your whole body until it radiates out your fingers and toes. Your whole body is now a golden light body.

6. Stand with your feet growing roots into the earth, your crown top open to the sun and begin to rock back and forth from your heels to your toes and begin to shrug your shoulders as if asked a question you do not know the answer to the question.  You will align your spine and grow healthy.

7. Stand feet apart, arms out to the sides as if you held pillows under the arms and swing your arms back and forth across your body gently hitting your sides as the arms come around.

These are a few chi building exercises that will help to keep you vital and healthy.

Imitation as flattery

They say imitation is the best form of flattery but there is also such a thing as integrity, honesty and giving credit where it is due.  Meaning one should not claim as their own what was learned from another.  I was a bit shocked to hear my beautiful colored sparkly bits rain down from another persons mouth.  I do not mind they used the phrase, only that they thought it was original to someone who copied it from me and never gave me credit.  She claims it was her idea.  It was not.  I would say it at the close of all her circles and taught it to my students before I even met her.  Giving credit where due I learned it from a Reiki master in CT back in 1993. So let’s play fair.  Share the light and as the principles stated with honesty and intention. So here again I wish you all beautiful colorful sparkly bits all about you.  Yotaki

Reiki Moon

Last night I participated in a Reiki circle held at a yoga studio.  When we came out the energy orb was so large I could not photograph the incredible full moon.

Energy Orb

Table & Chairs Good Karma

A beautiful day so I got all dressed ready to go out meet some folks have some fun but the truck wouldn’t start, not a click not a grunt simply silence.  This could not be good since I just bought a new battery 3 mornings ago.  Hello AAA! This time the battery truck came out tested the brand new battery, alternator, starter and some other important thing.  Yep, It was a dead battery!  I did the AAA great service and warranty. Truck started up and I drove back to where the battery was installed 3 days ago ready for a fight. On the phone I was told I would not get a full refund. The gods were smiling….full refund!

My landlord gave me some jumper cables just in case. There better not be another just in case! Guess it really is better to be prepared and it was very nice of him. Since I had to go out I did a little Reiki on the battery and she started right up. As I drove down my street I noticed someone had thrown out a great table with two chairs. I had been looking for something since I don’t have anything and I did commit to the novel in November.  I really need something to write on top of.  I figured if it was still there when I returned from the store I would haul it home.

There it was two doors down just waiting for me.  I carried the chairs no problem but the table that was a challenge.  The base looked fine but the glass top was thick and large enough to sit at least 6 people.  Perfect for writing, lap top and notes. So I tipped the heavy glass off and leaned it against a tree and carried the base home. Going back there was only one thing to do, roll it! The glass was too heavy to lift and as tall as me so over the rocks and dirt we rolled home, up the paved drive to recline against the house.  I dusted, cleaned and hosed it all down. Bit by bit I brought them inside.  Not having a lever I have left the glass top resting against the wall until tomorrow when I can ask a neighbor for assistance. What a fantastic day! Full refund. A new battery that is properly installed, guaranteed and working. A great table with 2 chairs ready to use.

All I ask now is that the truck continues to start unless perhaps… never mind I really don’t need any more furniture.

Lucky Find

The glass is not on top yet and of course it needs another cushion but I think it is wonderful!



I am sorry it has taken awhile for me to get back but there have been so many wonderful adventures.

Okay, so what is Reiki.  Many of you have looked it up or read the lineage so I will not go into that rather my own understanding and experience of Reiki.

Reiki, is a funneling of energy direct from the universe or the divine. The practitioner acts as a hollow straw that allows the energy to glide down and into the receiver.  The practitioner has had sacred symbols embedded into their energetic being and trained in the giving of Reiki.  This empowerment entitles the practitioner to use the symbols to bless and protect a place, food or the person they are performing the healing on.  The healing does not come from the person but the source.  Ego is not a part of Reiki healing.  Anyone who talks about how they can heal has departed from the Reiki path which is to do no harm.

For me, as a practitioner I feel an energy enter through me and transfer to another person.  At the same time I can sense the energy of the person receiving. They may have hot or cold spots, spikes or tangled energy for example.  Reiki also works with the various Chakras.  It senses blockages, energy going in the wrong direction and other challenges.  Through various movements and implanting sacred symbols this can be corrected.  At the very least Reiki enhances well being, creates overall peace and the reduction of stress.  It is a remarkable experience.

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