Weigh In

Today was the end of the two week detox.  Just because it is the end of the scheduled detox it is not the end of my healthy eating and exercise.  I did do the competition as impetus to begin and to get back on track.  So I know you want to hear the results.  Since I was weighed on their scale and measured by them I will go by that.  Therefore….I lost 5.6 pounds and 6″ over all.  This is not using any body wrap or artificial supplements just healthy foods, balanced diet and exercise. So  congratulations to me! I have designed a program, a lifestyle, that I call: Walk In Beauty. It is based on the Native American Medicine Wheel and not only addresses but heals body, mind, heart and spirit.  We are a whole complete being and all parts of self must be recognized.

The enter the wheel in silence thus creating sacred space. Our body is the center and the shell or physical must be healthy. The mind holds great power. What our thoughts create become real through word and action. The heart or emotion guide us to move in various directions and the spirit tells us what is right or wrong. Various exercises from qi gong and yoga are done in each direction with a purpose.

First we stand in the east direction our arms open wide face up to the sun.  Here we seek answers to questions as we open the heart to feel. Next walk to the south where emotions reside and lower into child’s position. Glide out of child’s onto the knees and chest like a wave of the ocean and stretch up into cobra. The cobra leads us to the west and press the body into plank then up into lightening bolt positions of strength and honor of the thunder beings and physical body. The North direction takes us to the spirit, to the wisdom of the ancestors.  In the north stand still and breathe inhale wisdom and exhale stress. Gather the chi from the center of the earth and pull it up over head then gather the chi and wisdom of the sky and ancients and pull it down over the head and off the toes. Again stand tall and listen.


Chi Cultivation

Chi cultivation, energy building all very important aspects of our life. Over the past few days some very sad and strange things have been put before me. People who have appeared healthy and vigorous are now fighting cancer and other debilitating diseases. Others have gone through personal issues of emotions and mental experiences.  Therefore I thought I would share a few exercises to help you build chi and vitality.

1. Bring your hands palms together about 1/2″ apart. Open your palms about 1″ to 2″ then bring them back together.  You may feel a resistance, bouncy feeling, tingle or more or less.  Keep opening and closing your palms and you will find the chi building up.

2. Now take a piece of cotton or a cotton ball and place it in the palm of your hand. The above hand acts like a hollow straw sending energy/chi into the cotton ball. You can use the cotton ball to reduce fevers.

3. Stand and imagine your feet are growing roots into the center of the earth. Center yourself. Now imagine that you are pulling up chi/energy from the center of the earth. Let this energy fill your body.

4. Those of you who live near a forest or by pine trees of any kind walk over to the trees and find one that is not close to traffic or pollution. Lightly place your finger tips to the pine needles. Feel the chi enter into your body through the tips of your fingers. At the same time you can imagine a beautiful green color surround you.  some may even smell the fresh pine scent.

5. Standing in the sunshine in a place where you can be barefoot, keep your feet shoulder distance apart, arms out to the sides begin to feel the sun on the top of your head.  Imagine the golden light coming in through the crown top and filling your whole body until it radiates out your fingers and toes. Your whole body is now a golden light body.

6. Stand with your feet growing roots into the earth, your crown top open to the sun and begin to rock back and forth from your heels to your toes and begin to shrug your shoulders as if asked a question you do not know the answer to the question.  You will align your spine and grow healthy.

7. Stand feet apart, arms out to the sides as if you held pillows under the arms and swing your arms back and forth across your body gently hitting your sides as the arms come around.

These are a few chi building exercises that will help to keep you vital and healthy.

Sunshine Qigong Friendship

A few years ago I was teaching a mind body class at the local gym.  Mind body was a combination of qigong and yoga geared to the gym clientele. The class was an hour long.  I would turn the lights off to begin with a short centering meditation usually there was enough light entering from the main gym no light needed to be turned back on.  This day about 10 minutes into the class a tiny ball of sunshine entered the room putting down her mat she quietly joined the class.  There was something magical about this 5′ reddish blond haired woman that just lit up the room. She participated in the class the same as everyone else but my eye kept being pulled towards her.

I always finish the class with everyone standing with a huge smile arms and legs wide apart as we create happy chi and pull it into our center.  This bubbly woman came up to thank me for the class and say she would be back next week.  sure enough 10 minutes into the class a ball of sunshine enters the room and somehow just her presence made everything right in the world.

It is not often we cross paths or meet  someone who can affect our life.  Today I found myself thinking about her and how without saying anything she could light up a room. I called to let her know how much her presence meant and what an enormous effect she had on me and the class.  Class never seemed as much fun when she could not make it. Although she never said a word during the class her energy was as strong as the sun.

I have learned much from her. I would love to be remembered for my ability to light up a room.  There are so many people who can take the energy down to a low, disturbing, or negative level and so few who can lift it.  Here’s to all the balls of sunshine out there may your light grow stronger and brighter each moment. You are remembered fondly.