Computer Issue

Sorry had some computer issue and finally have access back on.  Boy, what a long time to be away.  Well, foreclosure continues and packing a definitely a bear. I have so much to get rid of; pool table furniture and books galore.  The end result is wonderful….less stuff, less clutter and a wonderful new beginning. Perfect activity for spring time. New changes!  I hope you all are well and I will write more again.


Famous Last words

I was speaking with a friend last week describing my art work. I clearly stated I don’t paint flowers.  I guess the universe was listening with a smile.  It was not two days later when I got a commission for a painting of a large flower.  The flower has been painted and the commissioner is very happy. How many times have you said something and the universe responded?  Some people say thoughts have mass ans volume which translates to having gravity.  This gives more credence to the law of attraction. What one says has power, it all begins with a thought and the action really puts things into motion. 

It has caused me to wonder and watch what I think.  Today I caught myself thinking and saying things I really did not want to manifest.  It is intriguing how many negative and progress stopping thoughts go through your mind even when you are a very positive person.  Listen to your thoughts and check the weight and gravity of them.  Are you manifesting what you desire or what you fear?

Feng Shui – Spring Cleaning – House Blessing

Spring Open the windows air out the winter and move the furniture to create new chi.  Feng Shui says spring is the time to cleanse the home, get rid of old, stale and even bad energy.  House blessings are a great way to start the new seasons.

How to do a House Bessing

First dust and clean.  Get rid of any clutter.  This is the perfect time to give away any old or no longer used possessions.  Open all doors and windows.  Move furniture away from the walls.  Place a bowl of water in the center area of the front entrance.  In a separate dish burn incense or smudge such as white sage. Center yourself and offer up a prayer for protection.  State the intention: to cleanse the home and invite new pure energies in.  Or to celebrate a new home. Then walk to your left and scatter Kosher salt along the edge of the walls including the closets.  Kosher salt is use because it is pure and blessed.  It is also used to cleanse crystals. Next smudge over and under all furniture, in corners and closets.  You can use incense if preferred. At this time sing songs and walk about the home clapping or playing a drum or singing bowls.  This will frighten off any negative energies.  spray scented water into the air around the house.  As you return to the entrance where the ceremony began offer thanks and complete the ceremony.  If guests have been invited share food.

If you are interested in purchasing a Blessing basket with all necessary items, prayer and directions they are $35 Spring special.  Please email Yotaki at

Foreclosure & Future

I think the mortgage company hires the rudest most difficult people.  They will not answer a question nor give any information.  The only response is are you going to pay the full amount due now?  Of course just like the 1 in 4 other people here who are in foreclosure and a number I will soon be adding to the answer is no.  This does not give people the right to threaten and bully.  Being in this situation is difficult enough without rude sarcastic remarks.  So here is to the future.

I am accepting the opportunity to move on and to create something much more livable.  Not just housing but location and job.  Foreclosure is not a choice anyone takes lightly and the mortgage companies should treat people with respect.  What I don’t understand is that they will foreclose on the people who now have the mortgage but turn around and sell the property to another person for less than 1/3 of what the present occupant bought it for.  It is not the people but the banks and mortgage companies, least we should forget the realtor as well, for creating the problem.  The inflexibility of mortgage companies is amazing.  They have the loan insured so they make the full amount  of the loan back plus they sell the property and then they will go after the poor person who had the foreclosure.  The circle is ridiculous.  If one does not have funds to pay a mortgage due to a loss of employment how can they pay for lawyer fees for a mortgage company who did not have to foreclose but chose to so they could get the full loan amount from insurance plus sell the property.  In other situations it would be called double dipping.

A lot to vent.  I wonder if instead of hiring mean nasty people to collect the debt, make threats and bully, a kind educated person spoke and actually tried to work with the person.  That would mean a bit of humanity.

So on to the next adventure.  I am searching for the good and kind people.  The ones who care and can articulate their thoughts.  Why is there so much road rage and abuse in families perhaps because there is so much stress and cruelty.  I will work harder to smile more often and find a kind word.  Tomorrow I will begin practicing on the cashier or clerk who must deal with rushed people all day. Of course my friends will be at the top of the list.  People who we care about should be the first to receive kindness.  Just because they like us does not mean we can take that for granted.

Tomorrow as the sun rises so will my smile.  Hugs to all.

Doughnuts and new friends

I walked into a doughnut shop last week for a cup of coffee.  You never know when and where you will meet the most interesting people. I was watching a couple speak and greet everyone.  They seemed to know the whole clientele.  An energetic and friendly couple who somehow noticed me and came over and we started talking.  Now I am a member of their circle of friends.  These two people are energetic friendly and totally open hearted. Since that day we have met a few times and discussed every topic imaginable.They have in their own precious way touched my heart.

It is funny how someone comes into your life and changes it.  They have made an impact and will be missed when they return home.  Today another person smiled and said hello to me. Nothing more than a smile but it too made a difference.  Who is trying to connect with you and who can you smile at today?

“Walk In Beauty”

Last night I had the privilege of speaking to a group of Sierra club members about my “Walk In Beauty” program. The totem animal for March is the Rabbit.  The Rabbit calls its fears down onto itself and my question was what is your fear? What is preventing you from going forward in your life or with your dream.

I awoke this morning with the realization that my fear is letting go.  Not that it always has been or will continue to be but at this moment in time it is letting go. The first thing I started doing was to reduce the clutter.  Go through the pile of mail I always meant to get to but never really wanted to and now has piled up. I looked around and felt like a hoarder.  Why am I holding on to this junk?  If it wasn’t important enough for me to work my way through when it arrived why save it.  So I did a quick review and threw it all out.

The larger more real fear is of moving, changing locations.  Good or bad I am familiar with this one.  Granted it has worn out any benefit to me and it is obviously time to move on.  So today I will begin gathering up boxes and start the chore of packing.  I do hope the proper location shows it’s self but I am certain the more I let go the more room I will make for the new opportunity to enter.

So here is the story of the Rabbit and the Eagle.

It was a beautiful spring day with clear sky and a lone eagle circling high over head searching for food.  Far below was a small rabbit hiding beneath a very full and lush bush.  The rabbit looked up and saw the eagle far above him and began to shiver and shake.  Although he knew he was well hidden and could never be seen even by a keen eyed eagle he started hopping around and around in circles.  Finally he could no longer tolerate his growing fear and ran out from the safety of the underbush and shouted up to the eagle, “Eagle, eagle don’t eat me! Don’t eat me!”  Suddenly hearing and seeing the rabbit the eagle who had not noticed him hidden under the bush before swooped down and gobbled up the rabbit.

The lesson is what fear do you hold and how are you calling that fear down onto yourself?

So as the tee-shirt says, “No Fear”

Smudging Ceremony

Smudging is a ritual way to cleanse a place or person of negative energies. The sacred herbs are placed in an abalone shell and lit.  The fire snuffed out and the smoke is what is used to cleanse the spirit.  The smoke can be fanned or carried around the person.  If you are smudging a person have them stand with arms out as if in a T so the smoke can go all over.  If a feather fan is used fan the smoke around the person or the location.

I prefer the loose white sage but there are other types of sage and bundled sage or herbs called a smudge stick.  If you are using a smudge stick you do not have to burn the whole bundle.  Tap the burning end out rather than get it wet.

White sage is sweeter than desert sage but many people have a strong reaction to the smoke so be careful of where you burn it.  Sage cleanses negative spirits and energies.  It is usually used before a ceremony.

Cedar is used to purify and lift spirits.  Some use it to help people who suffer from depression.

Sweetgrass is braided like braiding the hair of mother earth and very sacred.  It is used after a banishing or cleansing herb like sage. It is used to call in the positive energies.

Lavender can be used to restore balance and peace.  It also helps to calm the spirit.

Copal is a resin often used in the sweat lodge and carries one’s prayers to the creator.

Juniper can be carried in a pouch for protection or burned to create sacred safe places.

Osha or bear root is burned as incense for good luck, protection from negative.  It is also sucked on as medicine in the sweat lodge or burned and the smoke fanned over the sick area of the body.

It is most important that what ever herb you use that it is done in a sacred manner with respect and care.  Smudging purifies but your intention will invite in the positive or negative spirits. Give thanks and honor the herb.


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