Locked out!

I know it has been a few days but SO much has happened.  Luckily I was home because a gentleman came by to lock me out of my house.  This is illegal without previous written notification.  I never received any notification. Actually I never had any.  I called and made a complete circle talking to people who sent me to the next one and eventually back on to the first who finally said just wait for a letter.

HA!  What a joke that is. One last trip and everything will be in storage.  The 10 x 10 unit is packed top to bottom and side to side. I told a friend I hoped there would not be an earthquake and she said it is packed so tightly if there was nothing would shift.

OK so the lock out illegal attempt occurred on Thursday and Friday morning I was on the phone to another wall of idiots until I was connected to a very nice woman.Maybe it was just her job or maybe she really does have a kind heart. She told me to calm down I could take a trip to storage without being afraid I would find myself locked out.  She also said that she had the photos showing the home occupied and that a teller would be sent out and I should get it on Wednesday.  In the mean time not to worry and if at that point I needed time I could get from 3 to 30 days or more if I wanted it.  I just want the time to finish the move and turn off utilities.

While I was being sent around the block making useless phone calls I did discover that if you are locked out all you need to do is call the local police and they will stay watch while you reclaim all your belongings.  Which is a bit of a comfort.

I plan to get back to you on Monday and let you know more but for those of you who are in the same situation I hope my experience is of some help or comfort.



Pretty nervous and somewhat pissed off.  Many people and banks coming by to take pictures of the house even though I told the complex gate guard no. The sale is only hours away at 10 AM Monday.  I am still packing with no plans or idea of where I am headed.


I must admit today I am depressed.  Everyone says 90 days after sale relax, listen to me I know. Or I know someone in Cali who went through it.  Today two people told me that they know people who were locked out of their homes before the sale date so I got all freaked out and went running home to check the computer.  There I looked up Nevada laws, which is the state I am in not California or other places where you may know someone who….. Here in Nevada the law is yes, you have up to 90 days if you are a renter, key word renter, not the owner who is in foreclosure.  The owner is the bad guy not paying the mortgage so the owner is given 3 days before they are locked out.  A very different story.

I did call the foreclosure lawyer for the mortgage co and they said they could not change the locks before the sale but it is up to the buyer or new owner to choose what they want to do.  Again I was told my mortgage company is one of the worst.  Figures! So I spent the day moving things about in the storage facility to make more room.  On Monday I will move the rest of the big stuff into storage and then wait to see if the buyer comes by to oust me or if they wait until Tuesday.

Sale date approaches

The July 18 sale date approaches quickly.  I have been advised that if it sells on the 18th I will have 90 days to move.  I do not know if that is true as so far I have been told more lies then I can count. Also if you search on line there is a quick eviction done in 2 days.  There are so many empty houses one wonders what is true.  Now squatters has become an issue in neighborhoods where people are just moving in to empty houses that have been sold in foreclosure or just walked away from.  People still say that I should fight it do the paper work to stay in the house longer but no one seems to get is that I want a job and a life.  I don’t have that in a house in foreclosure or while under the stress of when is the eviction date.

Of course I was convinced by the foreclosure lawyer for the mortgage company that I should stay until after the sale date to ask for cash for keys. Yes, the mortgage company lawyer told me that.  So Monday I will sit home and wait to hear about the sale or not of the house.  It must be what house arrest is like.  All I really want is my freedom.  To be rid of this shell and walk on to living a life, having a job and enjoying the day.

14 days 2 weeks

Well, I now have 14 days left until the 10 am sale of the house.  The terrific HOA has put a lien on the house which I am sure will effect the sale in some way or fashion.  I have not heard anything more after the last rude harassing threatening call from the mortgage company.  It seems they expect me to pay mortgage without having an income. Since not employment can be found here I have been looking out of state.  One does have to work.   I will keep you updated with the actions taken.  I know it is different for every state even for every town but perhaps this will give you a basic idea of what to expect.