After the idiot-elect appointing hate and more hate to office I think it is time to follow my dream. December I am off to Ireland for as long or short as I wish. Once across the ocean there are so many countries and places to explore and enjoy. Anyone open to a visit let me know I would love to meet you.

First I climbed up on the studio roof, Yea!!! Big courage but the other day I climbed up on the angled and weak trailer roof. This required 3 times climbing the ladder, readjusting the ladder’s position and finally climbing up with the supplies to repair the peaked roof.

So what did I do when I climbed down? Book passage to England and a flight to the east coast to board the ship. No plans, no dates to meet, or places to be.  Free to be me as the old school song says.

If you want to change your life simply climb a ladder to the roof.


Baba Sali




Mount charleston is burning. A horrible fire. As the sun iturns blood red. animal blood rises into the skies. The peoples tears weave in the clouds. Here in the city we inhale ash and Memories of the past up in smoke.

Urban Artifacts

Yes m’dear it is hot in Vegas walking home frome the supermarket I saw this gem embedded in the got road.

I had to go back for a close up. And to think it is only 115 degrees out at 11:30 AM.


Won’t Find These At I-Hop

Mmmmm good. Facing a cold salad was not my idea of a tummy warming breakfast. The refirgerator revealed broccolli, spinach, onion,radish and one egg. What to do? I cooked up the broccolli until soft then mixed with hemp seeds and the one egg. Add black pepper, tumeric, sea salt and “bang!” A tummy warming pancake.

Urban artifacts

The first antler is a deva for combing away jealous haters. The second is death antler. It contains a “fortune” that reads ” death proceeds on scheduled rounds know not when ye shall be touched. “



Metaphor for my Life

Standing at the end of the hall I found for doors before retreat behind me when I realized it to be a metaphor for my life. Retreat is not an option and i have never opened any of these doors.

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