The dreaded cattle crossing


I know for sure a troll lives here. Only takes 3 giant steps to cross.


This one is longer takes multiple baby steps.


Walking Blind

For the past few weeks I have been walking blind. Not really blind but -13 vision means that big green E on the eye chart looks like a hazy green smudge. I found myself touching the inside of the teacup to keep from over filling it. I had to stop working on the yard. In one way it was good because what I didn’t see I couldn’t fear. But what I didn’t see could be deadly so I stopped yard work. I did work around inside.
Days and nights have been bitter cold highs of 30°.  Using a chainsaw is impossible if you can’t see so the electric heaters worked overtime.
With great bravado I walked 2 miles each way to the mailbox. Haha, wearing cowgirl boots with heels caused slipping on dirt and rolling over rocks. I stopped short at the cattle crossing. Must have channeled cow fear because logically there is no way I could fall between the bars but it was dark down there and maybe the troll who lives under the bridge moved to under the cattle crossing. Who knows.
My neighbor warned me the javalinas are very dangerous and agressive but sound like train engines in the bushes. The wind howls like an engine as it whips around houses and through poles. I just set my mind that if I can’t see it I can’t fear it.
I did find out the two things I could do was crochet or weave. Could not draw nor write. Can’t see the computer screen. Certainly can’t drive.
It has been a stressful even frustrating time but I have come to understand and appriciate better what others go through. Monday I have surgery on my eye and expect all well after the healing.
Hard not to take things for granted. I have a respect and appriciation I never had at 21. Perhaps you will have a little more patience with the person moving slowly before you or taking an extra amount of time to make up their mind.
I know I shall.

Governor on the Weather

I think someone put a governor on the temerature. It hasn’t broken the 30 degree mark and now the wind is kicking up. I’m not sure if I should touch the towel on the line, as it might shatter.
Only 2pm but I think I will have to give in and light the wood stove.
I went and got the towel, smells fresh and clean. Sad to say much warmer outside at 30° Then inside with electric heater.
Do they still make electric blankets?

Slightly cold


Seriously, debating if I should open the door and stand in front of the refrigerator of perhaps crawling inside might warm me up quicker.

The wrong time


I’m thinking handing out a towel to dry last night might not have been the best idea.

Iced Last Night


A wicked wind blew all night. Thought I would find broken parts littered across the yard. What I found was ice droplets too cold to move.


Some th hang very sad about this chair.

Cloud Cover Petroglyphs


Living petroglyph reaching for the rain deep within the clouds.
Ominous or promise?
Wisdom withheld
Ancient spirits move soundlessly now as before,
And yet to come

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