Saying Good bye once again

Tomorrow I will be saying goodbye once again as I leave Philadelphia, PA to head south to No. Carolina. I found some very interesting places and enjoyed wonderful experiences here and around Philadelphia. Now the lure of the ocean calls. I can’t wait to smell the salt air but I fear crossing paths with alligators. Anyone know about gators in NC? Do people jog with gator hunting weapons in hand? Do they come near the salt water? Alligators not people. I know people do.

I have lived in Alaska where moose would walk down the street or camp out in your front yard but somehow a charging moose is not as frightening as a reptilian beast with enormous teeth and no conscience. In preparation I downloaded the app Swampy and have gotten sensitized to alligators. I actually enjoy bringing the cute beast water for his bath. If you have not played the game there is a free app: Swampy. Enjoy it.

I will let you know when I arrive in NC and that all is safe.  I can smell the ocean already. Yotaki


What a Treasure!

Foot Fountain


Walking State Street in Media, PA I found a treasure. An original drinking fountain with a foot pedal! The town itself is cute quaint creative and cultural but this fountain won my heart. Now who ever thought using your hand to press a plate would be more effective than this bronze foot pedal.  Guess they never had to hold a squirming child or balance a package. All that aside, isn’t this a fantastic find! A beauty!

Guilt WON

Guilt won.  This morning at 7 I went down and worked out in the fitness center. I learned that if I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes on fat burn I could burn 162 cal. which took care of the yogurt and coffee breakfast. Now why  didn’t I do that from the day I arrived? Driving 9 hours a day IS exhausting but I think from now on I will add it to my schedule. After the warm up on the treadmill did the universal for pull downs, curls etc. The only thing left to do is a steamy hot shower using the wonderful Bigelow Lemon & Pomegranate body wash and scrub my daughter gave me for Christmas.

The side effects of guilt can be so delightful. Plus the roll over on my size 0 clothes will now disappear.

Guilt as motivator for exercise and healthy living. Do you think it will work? Did for me but took almost 3 days.

Awaken the Snake

Awaken Awaken from the sleep of darkness and mystery

Awaken to the dreamtime to the active dream

the moment of doing

no longer asleep and weary

thought produces kinetic energy for motion

no longer searching for answers they begin to appear

I can not look

like catching a glimpse of ethereal movement

a snake slowly begins to uncurl


Having a great time in Philadelphia.  I meet some really nice people, took a qi gong/ bagua class.  Today we are going to a Russian/Turkish spa.  The only decision to make is if I want to be “treated” with birch or oak branches.  I’ll tell you all about the “treatment” when I get back but I am excited and looking forward to the experience.  They swirl and brush you with the branches which is supposed to detox the body.  After the the holiday I need to detox!  I ate french fries and ham. (shame face)

I am staying at a Days Inn in Philadelphia and housekeeping was in a rush to leave for Christmas so the room was less then clean.  After leaving a note for the manager and not expecting any reaction I was gratefully surprised.  She sent someone to clean it up immediately or transfer me to another room and then comped a free night!  How great is that?  So I would definitely recommend the Days Inn in Philadelphia to anyone.

This search for a new home has not produced any, “That’s it!” location yet.  On Friday I will head down to North Carolina.  So I am still open to suggestions.

2 Day cold Cure

So with all the rain and cold weather I was feeling a little under the weather.  I really needed to stop the cold before it caught on. Here is my two day cold cure for swollen glands sore throat and overall blah.  There was no way I would proceed to the next leg of my adventure while sick so here is the secret.

One bag of salt and vinegar potato chips and a hot toddy.  Hot toddy is basically hot black tea with a shot of dark rum or brandy, honey or sugar, lemon and a thin slice of butter.  Drink it while eating the salty potato chips.  The salt scrubs away all the germs and infection hiding in the throat and the alcohol burns out what the chips missed. Of course it is not part of a diet regime but one needs to stay healthy.  Also frequent gargles with Listerine, which will kill anything!

You may want to try it as preventive medicine.

Rain Go Away Snow Today

Oh it has been raining but the rain here is so lovely and of course not followed by a swarm of starving mosquitoes.  Today the day began with rain that was desperately trying to become snow. Perhaps for 5 minutes or so it did make it to a wet white fall but now the sky is dry but not quite sunny.

It is fasinating how rain in one location can be depression and in another lovely.  The grass is even showing green footsteps here in Ohio.

So rain go away, snow today, oops sunshine ahead. Sigh and smiles, Love Yotaki

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