Get your ducks in a row

Everyone keeps telling me to get my ducks in a row. So i did!
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Dancing the Bones of the Wind

She danced the way of the ancients
As they had before her
Would continue to dance after.
Still the movement continues undulating through her vibrant body resting momentarially
outstretched in a healing gesture.

What’s in a name?

Before I walked to the library i stopped at my neighbors house to get his card so I could get the book they have on hold for him. My neighbor is in a great deal of pain waiting for back surgery and does go out much these days.
I showed the librarian the card who told me were to find the book then informed me I would need his pin number to check it out. I called but no answer so I tried to check it out under my card but since it was reserved under his name they would not allow it. Too bad security isn’t this tight when someone is doing a mean or hurtful act.
As I walked back home I realized the librarian asked me for his last name. Now here we are neighbors for 3 months, ate BBQ together with friends a number of times but for the life of me I never heard nor thought to ask what his last name is.


Tav as I understand it is a very interesting letter.  It represents the end, perhaps even death, the great mystery of infinity as well as music.  So in this ink I have drawn a tambourine with clouds in the background.  I do not feel it is finished yet but I am letting it rest for the moment. As always I would love your feedback and information on Tav. photo-219

Clouds in my Coffee

Wide awake at 2:37 AM it seemed like a great time to start work on a new drawing. I guess I was still a bit sleepy so I made a cup of instant coffee. Most likely you make better choices at that hour than me but the left cabinate was open and the stevia is all the way across the stove on the right. Well, you can’t drink black coffee at pre-dawn so I looked up an there on the top shelf towards the back was this bag of marshmellows my neighbor had given me the other night. It was one of those cold windy nights that you just wanted hot chocolate with marshmellows.
As often happens what I’m thinking in my head comes uncensored from my mouth. That’s how I happen to have little packages of hot chocolate and marshmellows.
Somehow as is often the case things take on a life of their own. My left hand was doing the thinking and action so before I knew it there sat a handful of clouds drifting through my coffee.


Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of champions. My new favorite breakfast so I had to share.
The bread is homemade organic even though it looks white fear not. Lightly spread mayo on bread. You need it to hold fresh ground pepper. If it were lunch substitute red wine vinigar. Lay steamed fresh asparigus across the bread. Be sure the asparigus faces muliple directions or one side will be all steams. :0(
Sprinkle with romano cheese. I haven’t tried blue but i think it would be yummy. Close up the sandwich and enjoy!


Aleph tree

A pen and ink I just completed. A study in contrast, line and design.


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