After careful study


After a month of careful intense study I have come to the conclusion that cottontail and jackrabbit do not understand English. Keep out of the mint, don’t eat the prickly pears and stay away from the roses fall on deaf ears.


How do you know it’s breakfast?

Add an egg to it.


Left over dirty rice, smashed cauliflower,  yellow squash, 1 egg dollip of sour cream……
And you have breakfast.

Short Girl Challenges

I never felt any short girl challenges before but yesterday I finally had to admit to one.
Not being able to reach up on the high shelf was not a challenge I just took down the cabinets. When my son was in high school he reached 6 foot tall.  The one time I needed to scold him I stood on the couch so we could see eye to eye. It worked for about 30 seconds and we ended up laughing.
There was one kitchen that had high cabinets so when he wasn’t home I just climbed up on the counter and reached what ever I needed. If he was home I simply had to call his name and he knew what was needed.
I have always bought my jeans in the juniors department. They simply fit better. Since I moved to the high desert I found 2 elements to begin the challenge. I think juniors have gotten taller or have longer legs because lately I have turned cuffs up unless of course I wore cowgirl boots. 3 inch heels cure.
Added to that is somehow elements of the high desert jumped into the cuffs. I began to find odd rocks, pieces of wood and not sure what else on the floor.
Yesterday I had to admit : first real short girl challenge: yes, my long pants carried half the desert back home every time I went out.
Well, I’m still 5′ 21/4″ and my feet still touch the ground. I am the perfect hight for me and believe I may have found a solution. I simply empty each cuff before entering the house, definitely before putting in the washing machine.

Best thing about being sick as an adult

Best thing about feeling off when you are an adult,
You can eat feel better food without having anyone tell you how bad they are for you. There is always tomorrow to do the right thing. Enjoy the opportunity.


Just 2 cookies and cuppa tea and I feel better already.

7 for 1

That’s right burn 7 calories per minute and lose 3 to 6 inches in 4 weeks with only 3 days a week hooping.
I am so excited. I love my LED hula hoop. Not only is it fun but great exercise. I can’t wait to find out how the rabbits and quail react to the lights.


Here it is out of the package. It needs to open itself.


Opened and lights on. They change colors and make designs in space. It is also a little heavier than the one from the dollar store so I can hula hoop now for 10 minutes straight!
Lovin my LED hoop.

I never played juanga

I never played blockhead or balancing games. Not a game lover but I think I would win.


Becky Spiked the

Yesterday as I was painting the fence I felt like Tom Sawyer on acid.


Today I think Becky Thatcher spiked the punch.


Actually, I am using odds and ends of paint to cover the gates that will be used as the foundation under my yurt.
If I didn’t already dream in color I am sure I would sleeping over that.

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