7 for 1

That’s right burn 7 calories per minute and lose 3 to 6 inches in 4 weeks with only 3 days a week hooping.
I am so excited. I love my LED hula hoop. Not only is it fun but great exercise. I can’t wait to find out how the rabbits and quail react to the lights.


Here it is out of the package. It needs to open itself.


Opened and lights on. They change colors and make designs in space. It is also a little heavier than the one from the dollar store so I can hula hoop now for 10 minutes straight!
Lovin my LED hoop.


Guilt WON

Guilt won.  This morning at 7 I went down and worked out in the fitness center. I learned that if I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes on fat burn I could burn 162 cal. which took care of the yogurt and coffee breakfast. Now why  didn’t I do that from the day I arrived? Driving 9 hours a day IS exhausting but I think from now on I will add it to my schedule. After the warm up on the treadmill did the universal for pull downs, curls etc. The only thing left to do is a steamy hot shower using the wonderful Bigelow Lemon & Pomegranate body wash and scrub my daughter gave me for Christmas.

The side effects of guilt can be so delightful. Plus the roll over on my size 0 clothes will now disappear.

Guilt as motivator for exercise and healthy living. Do you think it will work? Did for me but took almost 3 days.

My first in Tucson

If walking a mile to Panda express and walking a mile back counts as a date.  Then I had my first one in Tucson.  Yes, he paid and at least I burned off the calories. Here’s to better Dates! :0)

Zig-Zag more muscle less fat

Okay, now let’s combine the diet information and the workout information. Walking is the number 1 exercise for a body. I strongly recommend “Walking the Wheel” lifestyle program.  If you are interested in learning more about “Walking the Wheel” please contact me. You may already have a schedule of workouts, gym visits, aerobic or dance classes, yoga, free weights or what ever it is you do not have to change although you may want to add a few suggested exercises, include walking as well as the three exercises Badger suggested in my last post.

The zig-zag approach was studied by the Univ. of Penn and found to be beneficial.  This is a permanent method for weight loss if you eat 5 or 6 meals a day and exercise regularly. As caloric intake decreases the caloric burn increases so the bodyfat percentage will drop accordingly.  The BMR also drops so you will need to return to normal eating. This repeats until the bodyfat  percentage is at a healthy level. What is happening is the body now has time to adjust. It is important with this method that you do engage in weight training or the weight loss will be from both lean tissue and fat.  A gain of 5 pounds of muscle will help you sleep better and continually burn more calories. It is recommended that the highest calorie meal is taken 2 hours before your workout.

Interesting facts: A pound of fat has 3,500 calories and it takes about 6 days to lose it. Any faster and you lose more than just fat. There are approximately 2,500 calories in a pound of muscle. Complex carbohydrates are important to maintain even blood sugar levels and give a constant source of energy to the body.

For the zig-zag approach you will need to know your bodyfat percentage. To lose fat and gain muscle for 4 or 5 days every week reduce the caloric intake by 2 calories per pound of lean bodyweight.  For the remaining days add 2 calories per pound of lean bodyweight.  The calories should be spread evenly over the 5 or 6 meals.

Men and women lose weight at different rates because of their hormones. Women will lose fat at a slower rate than men. Those people who carry more fat will find greater success when they increase the protein intake by 25% of their daily calories.

How can you do weight training if you are not a gym member? One can always purchase free weights or dumbbells or other exercise equipment for home use.   I am sure if you look around your house you can easily find something to lift.  Cans of soup for arms or a bottle of bleach or detergent if you need more weight. Holding a baby or young child as you do squats or deep bends can be fun for both of you and give you and your child face to face time. If you have a flight of stairs running up and down stairs can be great for lungs and a high caloric burn.

Avoid all fad diets!              Always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine or diet program.