Out of Tune?

The body is about 70% water and sound travels quickly through water which is why the use of tuning forks as a means of healing has been getting attention.  It is often taught that because it works on vibration one does not need to learn the correct accupoints. I disagree.

There are 12 meridians or lines throughout the body. They are called Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Pericardium, Triple Warmer, Gall Bladder and Liver. If you want to try using a tuning fork begin on the sole of the foot with the kidney point located in the middle of the arch of the foot.  Tap the fork and hold for 10 seconds or until the vibrations stop.  Next move the fork up the foot and leg at 3″ increments. I will agree it gives a pleasant feeling even when placed on the top of the head or crown chakra but after awhile I find it more of a nuisance then enjoyable experience.  Honestly I have never felt any health or healing benefits but go ahead and try it.  You may have different results.

Turning forks are all calibrated differently some to notes or chroma mostly the ones healers use are tuned to ohm the universal sound and are said to do no harm.  My belief is if something can do good it can also do harm and visa versa just like homeopathic medicine. I would love to hear what your experiences were.


A Rainbow lives in my House

A rainbow lives in my house.  Every morning when I open my door he shows his self and joins me for breakfast. Fairies and rainbows what a joyful home.

Good Energy

Oprah: a sign/message that hangs in Oprah’s dressing room.

Take responsibility for the ENERGY you bring into this space.

Wow! I am still in awe of that statement. Powerful! Take responsibility, great start is you ask me.  Own it, your mood and how you effect others.  What is the purpose of knocking them down, draining their energy…those energy vampires, zapping with hate, anger, jealousy, meanness, your personal need to be stressed out, or in a rush.  I have one room in my apt. that is just for yoga and meditation.  It is wonderful calm loving energy. Nothing rushed or radical enters.  I have a front door that allows a lot more in but the meditation room is up stairs and around a corner, plenty of filtering out time.

My circle of friends uses the same philosophy.  If you don’t believe in my dream at least support me in my dream.  If not stay out of my circle.  Don’t tell me warnings, negatives and your fears.  I stop listening when a statement begins, “For your own good or you should think about…” No, that is all about you and your fears no me.

Have you ever gotten a headache after spending time with someone? Or a pain in the neck? If you make me sick we don’t dance.  That is all there is too it. Not that everything has to be fun and joy.  Be human, be honest and be responsible for the energy you bring.  My daughter and grandkids just visited for four days.  The energy was full of love and joy.  Now my home is full of positive energy there is no way I will invite an energy vampire in to destroy it.

You can be as mean and miserable as you want but you are dancing in that boxing ring alone.  Tonight I went to a group where we did laughter meditation.  We all sat and laughed for 2 solid minutes.  One person laughed so hard tears rolled down their face two others actually rolled on the floor. Some faked it at first but by the time 2 minutes was up we all had sore cheeks from genuine laughter and joy. The room was full of positive energy.  Laughter is still the best medicine.

I just can’t stop thinking about how wonderful that quote is.  I am responsible for the energy I carry with me and you are responsible for the energy you bring.

Chi Cultivation

Chi cultivation, energy building all very important aspects of our life. Over the past few days some very sad and strange things have been put before me. People who have appeared healthy and vigorous are now fighting cancer and other debilitating diseases. Others have gone through personal issues of emotions and mental experiences.  Therefore I thought I would share a few exercises to help you build chi and vitality.

1. Bring your hands palms together about 1/2″ apart. Open your palms about 1″ to 2″ then bring them back together.  You may feel a resistance, bouncy feeling, tingle or more or less.  Keep opening and closing your palms and you will find the chi building up.

2. Now take a piece of cotton or a cotton ball and place it in the palm of your hand. The above hand acts like a hollow straw sending energy/chi into the cotton ball. You can use the cotton ball to reduce fevers.

3. Stand and imagine your feet are growing roots into the center of the earth. Center yourself. Now imagine that you are pulling up chi/energy from the center of the earth. Let this energy fill your body.

4. Those of you who live near a forest or by pine trees of any kind walk over to the trees and find one that is not close to traffic or pollution. Lightly place your finger tips to the pine needles. Feel the chi enter into your body through the tips of your fingers. At the same time you can imagine a beautiful green color surround you.  some may even smell the fresh pine scent.

5. Standing in the sunshine in a place where you can be barefoot, keep your feet shoulder distance apart, arms out to the sides begin to feel the sun on the top of your head.  Imagine the golden light coming in through the crown top and filling your whole body until it radiates out your fingers and toes. Your whole body is now a golden light body.

6. Stand with your feet growing roots into the earth, your crown top open to the sun and begin to rock back and forth from your heels to your toes and begin to shrug your shoulders as if asked a question you do not know the answer to the question.  You will align your spine and grow healthy.

7. Stand feet apart, arms out to the sides as if you held pillows under the arms and swing your arms back and forth across your body gently hitting your sides as the arms come around.

These are a few chi building exercises that will help to keep you vital and healthy.

Just another day in the life of Yotaki

Just another day in the life of Yotaki. I woke up made breakfast 1/2 cup oatmeal with cayenne pepper and Turmeric. Went to a “spa” to use the sauna and steam.  Cut it short couldn’t sit still but didn’t leave.  The two young girls were really upset about a ghost who plagues the facility and them.  One told about it having thrown a picture down the hall.  They both had interesting stories as did the woman who kept the place clean.  It just so happened I had my ghost feather fan in my truck so I asked to go look at where it all was happening.  I took the fan and showed them how to use it.  I also used it to clear the area after promising one girl I would do nothing to upset the ghost.  She was very nervous since she would be alone to close tonight.

After looking around the room it was obvious why he would be so attracted to the location.  It held the washing machine and dryer on one side and volumes of electrical equipment on the other.  You could feel the energy generated from all the electricity as you walked towards the room.  Once inside it actually was humming.  Ghosts, or energies are very attracted to electricity as it give them more strength and abilities. Water can be used to capture or steal a spirit. So the place was ripe for trapping unwilling and unconscious ghosts.

After that I came home to do some studying for my personal trainer’s exam and work on my painting and of course speak with you. It is only noon so there is still a full days worth of adventures to go.

Reiki Moon

Last night I participated in a Reiki circle held at a yoga studio.  When we came out the energy orb was so large I could not photograph the incredible full moon.

Energy Orb

Awaken the Snake

Awaken Awaken from the sleep of darkness and mystery

Awaken to the dreamtime to the active dream

the moment of doing

no longer asleep and weary

thought produces kinetic energy for motion

no longer searching for answers they begin to appear

I can not look

like catching a glimpse of ethereal movement

a snake slowly begins to uncurl

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