After the idiot-elect appointing hate and more hate to office I think it is time to follow my dream. December I am off to Ireland for as long or short as I wish. Once across the ocean there are so many countries and places to explore and enjoy. Anyone open to a visit let me know I would love to meet you.

First I climbed up on the studio roof, Yea!!! Big courage but the other day I climbed up on the angled and weak trailer roof. This required 3 times climbing the ladder, readjusting the ladder’s position and finally climbing up with the supplies to repair the peaked roof.

So what did I do when I climbed down? Book passage to England and a flight to the east coast to board the ship. No plans, no dates to meet, or places to be.  Free to be me as the old school song says.

If you want to change your life simply climb a ladder to the roof.

I’d say Goodbye if

Driving home I hear a country western song and one line was, “I’d say goodbye but I don’t remember her name.” I may not have quoted it correctly. He was singing about leaving in the morning but the woman he had spent the night with was still sleeping.

This post is about The Queen of Hearts. I spent 2 nights on the train sleeping next to a woman who called herself the queen of hearts. She gave me her card.

The Queen of Hearts was a very troubled woman, her ex was going to prison, she was leaving her daughter and grandchildren behind and her health was not good.  During the ride her diabetes acted up and finally caused her system to begin to shut down.

But oh she was funny! A sharp sense of humor with a cutting edge and honest to a needle point. And kind. In spite of all she was quietly suffering through she was good, forgiving and made us family. Even the two young men in the seat behind us grew to be allies. That’s how it is on the train. The last night just hours before her stop she called to me, “Gypsy, ( her name for me), I have a DNR on top of my purse, if anything happens give it to them.” She was shivering and sweating often getting delirious. “I”m scared, please help me.” “I hope my brother is at the stop.” Again she insisted I find the DNR and told me about other aliments. Finally, when she could no longer move I got the conductor who called for an ambulance to meet the train at the next stop.

It seemed endless but finally the stop with brother and ambulance appeared. It took time as the twisted stairway is very narrow but they transported her onto a gurney and as the train pulled away so did the ambulance. I will never forget the Queen of Hearts and hope she has survived. Today listening to a song about sleeping with a woman who he did not even remember the name of made me recall a woman, a Queen of Hearts, who I shall never forget. During the train ride she told me of her dream to open a restaurant and together we visualized and named it. Amethyst. Elegant, international foods, lavender decor, inside a cottage house with a large glass window. Should you ever see a restaurant Named Amethyst please tell the Queen of Hearts Gypsy said hello.


New Year Day in an Aluminum Can

So what does the first of the year look like from inside an Alum Can? Well, the year ended very prophetically with a tank that didn’t fill and cleaning sludge out of pipes. Drawing an analogy from that to life, clear away all the garbage and crap that is not healthy or good for you and clear out the sludge from life and veins. Veins being the transporters of good life blood and energy. So begin the year with a clean physical vessel. Scrub from the inside out or in layman’s terms: detox.

Detox of course means people, thoughts, behaviors as well as the obvious food and drink.

If the year closed with a cleansing of waste it should begin with an open clean path. The analogy for that obviously is to repair the washing machine.  Even the washer has it’s own alum can house.

Sometimes I think the washer has a nicer house than 3As you can see there is a broom to the left of the machine. That was to sweep away the gallons of water that went under and around rather than inside. The last time I moved the washer a bile green lizard with black stripes and dots ran by so I announced myself. Having learned from yesterday I unplugged then disconnected the water hose. Inside was green sea weed looking stuff. I am not sure I really want to know all that I now know. After cleaning it out and running the water through both ends it was clean. Reattaching and testing the hose all was successful so I attached the other end to the machine but since the cold water attachment leaked from inside as well I used the hot water opening.  Since the washer has no hot water I wasn’t sure if it would work. I readjusted the setting to warm and warm and pow water flows through almost like it should. There were a few drips. The hose was disconnected on both ends, plumbers tape attached the hose screwed back on and it works like a charm without a leak. I did learn that it does matter which direction you wind the tape because when you screw the hose back on the tape comes off if it is not going in the same direction. Okay, so day one of the new year I have clean water and a washing machine that works. Perfect!

photo 1-3This is the one where I winded the tape in the wrong direction but since it is on the outside I am not worried.

This one is attached to the back of the washer where it says hot.

photo 2-3

So there you go. The old adage, out with the old in with the new. Happy New Year to you!