3 sets of 5, for 6 different styles of squats may not sound like much but I did an early morning intensive training session and after the first 5 I hurt. This is a good sign. It means all this work is starting to pay off.
I went to an energy share today that was awesome. For the first time working with this group of healers I could really feel the energy flow. It is an experience to hold on to and indulge in the memory of.
Part of my roof blew off during a mini cell tornado that touched down. It has finally been repaired and the temperature is rising. Of course during the 28 to 30 degree weather the roof was open now it is in the 60’s heading up to 70 and my aluminum can ( trailer) is closed and warm.
A number of my friends have returned. It seems my red cardinal has had a son who looks just like him in miniture. Tiny birds with yellow heads, and giant ravens, even a quail have all made their presence known.


I was able to get a close up of one.


How to wash a sticky chakra

Walking beside a fresh water lake I found a tiny clam shell smaller than the nail on my pinky finger. It was perfect in color and form proudly sitting alone doing exactly what it should be doing for a tiny half section of a clam shell. Accepting the gift, I placed it into my pocket and continued to walk. It wasn’t until the next morning that I heard it speak.

My chakra was sticky.  Not only was it sticky but I was looking at the wrong one. Powerful gift from such a tiny being.

Words have power, our thoughts have power and chi follows thought.  If I accept and I have be accepting your words as my truths it tangles my thoughts and my chi is now following your words and your fears. I took a major Brillo pad (metaphorically speaking) and began scrubbing. Covering myself in the golden white light I checked all chakras, made sure they were spinning and spinning in the correct direction.  That is when I found it was not the heart but the root chakra that was sticky, clogged and bound up with garbage.  It was not garbage for those who believed in the words but for my truth and my integrity is was putrid.

Tangled like the hair of a mermaid caught in a hurricane at sea with the seaweed, shells and trash all glittering cementing the tangled polluted mass together. Slowly one strand at I time I began to follow it up from a loose end to the confusion.  Sometimes I was able to free the strand, other times large chunks fell out or were re-captured in another location.  Then there were masses that just broke off gone forever and I cried. It took a very long time to work my way through this chakra. It was difficult, heart rending and enlightening.

I believed what others said and had taken it to be not only my truth but my fear!

Looking into a clean crystal chakra I saw myself.  My truth and my journey. My survival depends on no limits! I can and WILL do it all! All being all that I want the way that I want.  Over time I allowed myself to become domesticated, homogenized and entrapped.  My limits are now only those I place upon myself.

I am a storyteller, a dream dancer and speak not only via words but art in all forms and dance movement by whatever means speaks to me and I hope that that my stories and dreams can and will touch your soul and help your chakras to spin.

I would like to share my gift with you and hope she speaks to you as she did to me.