Cows and cabbage

“I’ll show you why the cow eats cabbage!” I walked by as she yelled that. Not directed at me but I had to stop and listen there were no words only death glares.

Why would a cow eat cabbage? Does it make milk sour? Why wouldn’t a cow eat cabbage? Why would anyone care? Or argue about it.

It is intriguing. Makes absolutely no sense to me. I was born in The Bronx. Not too many free range cattle or milk cows in the borough. I don’t even drink cow milk! I do eat cabbage (at times) it would never cross my mind to eat milk and cabbage together.

I’m afraid I will enter a type of wonderland tonight dreaming about cows and cabbages.

Guess I’ll never know and perhaps I don’t want to know. For sure I wouldn’t want an angry woman to show me why cows eat cabbage!


Sacred Space

This is my first video on sacred space, labyrinth and medicine wheel. I hope you like it. Yotaki

Illegal Border Crossing

Boy is he in trouble!!!CAPTION THIS: According to SONORA QUERIDA, this bear was spotted on a border wall at Naco, Sonora.

My Deer

Forbidden Words

The president has banned and created a list of 7 forbidden words.

he forbidden words are “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”

I challenge you to use them in as many sentences as possible as mush as possible.

And as loudly as possible.

Not too happy

After accidentally raking him up I left the area.

Winter Without Warning

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