Freeze Dry

Good thing about hanging clothes out in the rain:

Sun isn’t in your eyes

You get the benefit of natural fabric softener (rain)

Later when it changes to snow they get to freeze dry

And it’s fun


Cows and cabbage

“I’ll show you why the cow eats cabbage!” I walked by as she yelled that. Not directed at me but I had to stop and listen there were no words only death glares.

Why would a cow eat cabbage? Does it make milk sour? Why wouldn’t a cow eat cabbage? Why would anyone care? Or argue about it.

It is intriguing. Makes absolutely no sense to me. I was born in The Bronx. Not too many free range cattle or milk cows in the borough. I don’t even drink cow milk! I do eat cabbage (at times) it would never cross my mind to eat milk and cabbage together.

I’m afraid I will enter a type of wonderland tonight dreaming about cows and cabbages.

Guess I’ll never know and perhaps I don’t want to know. For sure I wouldn’t want an angry woman to show me why cows eat cabbage!

Sacred Space

This is my first video on sacred space, labyrinth and medicine wheel. I hope you like it. Yotaki

Illegal Border Crossing

Boy is he in trouble!!!CAPTION THIS: According to SONORA QUERIDA, this bear was spotted on a border wall at Naco, Sonora.

My Deer

Forbidden Words

The president has banned and created a list of 7 forbidden words.

he forbidden words are “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”

I challenge you to use them in as many sentences as possible as mush as possible.

And as loudly as possible.

Not too happy

After accidentally raking him up I left the area.

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