Drive thru

You can do it all in Vegas. Drive thru gas and wash car or drive up and have your fortune told. Only $5.


Urban Artifacts

Yes m’dear it is hot in Vegas walking home frome the supermarket I saw this gem embedded in the got road.

I had to go back for a close up. And to think it is only 115 degrees out at 11:30 AM.


Won’t Find These At I-Hop

Mmmmm good. Facing a cold salad was not my idea of a tummy warming breakfast. The refirgerator revealed broccolli, spinach, onion,radish and one egg. What to do? I cooked up the broccolli until soft then mixed with hemp seeds and the one egg. Add black pepper, tumeric, sea salt and “bang!” A tummy warming pancake.

Urban artifacts

The first antler is a deva for combing away jealous haters. The second is death antler. It contains a “fortune” that reads ” death proceeds on scheduled rounds know not when ye shall be touched. “



Metaphor for my Life

Standing at the end of the hall I found for doors before retreat behind me when I realized it to be a metaphor for my life. Retreat is not an option and i have never opened any of these doors.

Size Matters

photo-228I put my little demitasse cup under the juicer to catch the drips and thought it looked pretty funny. Maybe I could juice one or two baby carrots or have a party for the fairies. Hope you enjoy the photo as much as I did. I miss my carrots but the good news is my thumb nail which is a bit long is now stained blue from the blueberries and blackberries. So the world remains colorful!

Eating my way through the week via color

Okay, so I made my way through the red food groups then the orange and yellowish foods now I am into the blue, black and deep green. I do feel as if I have more energy and focus but I have not lost any weight which was one of the purposes of doing a cleanse. It has been a full 14 days with no meat, fish, chicken, dairy or gluten. Only another 15 more to go.  Sometimes all I do is think about food. I have been doing a mono food thing since I stopped juices carrots and beets.  My juicer doesn’t seem to squeeze enough juice from spinach, radishes, or broccoli or cauliflower to make it worth while. I would rather get the fiber from the complete vegetable. I can’t wait until I can go back to juicing my carrots.

In the mean while I have been had at work or sometimes hardly working on a book cover design for a man who keeps changing his mind about what he wants. Really he does not know what he wants, hasn’t finished the rewrite nor the screen play but thinks he will make millions on it. I rather doubt it but when I complete the cover I am done with his projects. They are boring and frustrating. I keep telling him what he wants is a computer designer not a fine artist like me who draws from hand not via the computer. He insists he wants me but keeps making me draw freehand what a computer could do in 9 seconds. I should give him the finished project this week get my last pay installment and say aloha!

I do have a bag of onions and am trying to figure out away to make onion soup without the good stuff like vermouth, cheese and bread. Any suggestions? Juicing is totally out of the question!

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