Because I Can

I eat cold spagetti for breakfast because I can.
I exercise every day even when I hate it or believe myself to be too tired.

I refuse to give you a hug or get sucked into your lies & bs for you are simply nothing more than a parrot.
I hold you and show you I care.

Because I can.

I believe in carebears, rainbow brite and pippi longstocking.
I believe in honesty & truth.

And sometimes I dont eat cold spagetti for breakfast. Because I can.
And sometimes I dont even eat breakfast.

Because I can I look up at the moon and feel the sky all around me.
Because I can I rejoyce at being alive.


Joy of Pencils

You have to be an artist to apprieciate the simple joys. A fellow artist called me this morning.
“How are you?”
“Fantastic! I have an 8B pencil!”
Life does not get any better than that.

Gummy Bears

I have been traumatized! My shoes rest outside my door as I try to deny the evidence.
Yesterday I walked to and from the library with 20 lbs. of books. That’s 2.4 miles in 89 degree Las Vegas sun.
Feeling a bit more tired heading back then I did going towards the library I caught myself looking down at the sidewalk. That’s when I noticed a colorful marking of very hot & slightly melty Gummy Bears. Perhaps hansel & gretel passed thia way. Interesting no ants had ventured out.
I proceeded to walk on watching a very suspicious dance on the opposite of the street between two young men in hoods who kept glancing back at me. I am not sure any of us could trust the other.
Okay, so I was a bit distracted. I enter my defense because that is when it happened.
OMG!!! And please repeat loudly. OMG!!! I stepped on what once was a bright Red Gummy Bear. It squished. It rolled. I swear it even screamed. At least it made a sort of high pitched nails on blackboard noise. I felt as if I stepped on a parie dog or fat tail. My stomach flip flopped and I looked down. Evedince! If it would have done any good I might have fainted at the sight of at least 5 assorted colors of witness gummy bears laying there watching me with that blank stear only a Gummy Bear can give.
All night I dreamed I was sitting in GB court. Tried by judge & jury of Gummy Bears. And to make it even worse I was wearing my sneakers designed to help me be light on my feet and walk in grace & beauty.

Concret Beauty

Walking back from the store I saw this beauty growing up from the concret.


2 Chubby Boys

I always had a crush on the dough Boy. The way he could pop out of that roll was really hot. I actually got a little jelous when Pop’n Fresh came on the scene.
I just was given the blue statue and now i have two favorite Chubby Boys.
Adorable aren’t they!



Just a preview of what I’m working on.

Sorry I posted from phone and picture is sideways.

The sky is gray and heavy
The rains make the sidewalk slippery
Inertia frustration weigh heavy upon me
In stillness I watch the after glow


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