Act of bravery

I just committed an act of bravery. For some they may scoff. I walked into the bathroom and heard a scuffling sound. I moved the shower curtain and checked the ivy plant nothing. Turning towards the sink looking downward:
Still as a statue was a small lizard.
First a bit of background. Yesterday as the electrician drilled a hole in the celling a small lizard fell onto his head. It continued on landing near his boot which he stomped chasing the lizard out a hole in the floor. Or so we thought. Perhaps he liked it and returned or never left. For what ever reason he stood frozen on my bathroom floor.
Frantically searching for a way to trap not hurt him I spied a tin of body butter. Shaking out the body butter hoping not to frighten him off i covered him with a lovely scented tin.
Now being free to move I found a strong paper, gently urging him onto the paper, still under the tin I carried him outside into the shade.
Placing et al carefully onto the ground lifting the lid I set him free. Catch and release. My act of bravery.



Did a sketch last night. You can see the Arizona desert influence.


Paper Bag Floor Stain 2

I finally put a second coat of stain on the floor. I am really pleased with it. It has a wonderful sheen. I am so pleased with it I plan to do the sitting area in large torn paper pieces. Here is a photograph of the floor before the final polyurethane coat.



Someone had a little too much to drink last night.

Shortly after midnight my neighbors dog who has taken up residency here at the Alum Can began growling and barking.
This morning as I walked about the yard seeking evidence of what might have provoked her I once again found signs of the Wee Folk and a night of partying.



So What Have You Been Up To?

Got a call from a friend I haven’t seen in awhile asking that simple question.
Let’s see? Where do I begin?
Wednesday I attended a traditional cacoa ceremony. Don’t think I will go into detail just to say I am off chocolate for awhile.
Friday I went down to the police station to speak with a Sargent I met once before. We discussed the benefit of shotgun versus 357 or rifle to kill rattlesnakes and mohave green. I did ask him if it was true what Tom Sawer said about when you kill a rattler its mate comes after it/ you. He laughed and said he remembered reading that but it is not true. As I was leaving he said remember to cut off and keep the rattles. That stopped me. I turned to reply if I shoot one I will bring it in for him to cut off the rattles. He smiled and said that will work. How many of you can walk into the local police station and discuss guns? What a nice man.
Update on the alum can. I have started putting up wire mess getting ready to lay on the concrete. Monday the electrician comes so I will wait until after. It will depend on the need for access under the trailer.

I stained the dinning area of the paperbag floor.


It has gotten cold and I need to cut more wood today. Here is a shot of my chain saw in pieces to be cleaned.

Well, I’m inside now, fire is burning and I am laying out ceramic tile for an entryway. Of course the pups came by for their treats. But really, what have I been up to? Not much. Just the usual.

Paper Bag floor Stain 1

Disregard the blue I am not sure where it came from. Here is the section with one coat of stain, bombay mahogany gloss. It takes 8 hours to dry and then I will check the color to see if it needs another coat. I have not decided if i will stain the complete space. The kitchen area is quite large and the stained section will become the dinning area. Guess in 8 hours I will know more. I do welcome your input.



Room With A View

Tonights sunset.


Through my kitchen window.

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