Meeting on the Edge

I have been on a train adventure for the past 2 weeks. A fascinating, wonderful and perhaps life adjusting, mind opening experience. One of the most amazing people on the train was Lightening.

Lightening is a tiny waif woman who could be in her 20’s but is actually 38.  She describes herself as being mostly homeless. A gourmand pastry chef who dreams of one day having her own business, Cuppie Cakes. We spoke of many things.

Lightening met an angel. As time flew by in undisturbed speed, perhaps a black hole, souls connected in the vulnerable way of strangers. “Walk in my shoes”, she cried and we did, stepping into each others world with one foot still in our own. As brilliant and beautiful as Lightening was her soul bleed. It cried for answers, too many questions to untangle. We spoke in the open way strangers sometimes do and connected on a deep cellular level. She made my hair into a fish braid and I gave her my Tibetan healing ring for protection on her journey. She called me an angel and just wanted to sit near me in silence to absorb the zen as she put it.

Before she got off the train she made me promise I would not move from the seat because she was afraid when she turned around I would have disappeared. I carry her in my heart until we once again meet on the edge.

I just wanted to tell you about Cuppie Cakes and invite you to look for her as you journey in life.





Baba Sali






Drive thru

You can do it all in Vegas. Drive thru gas and wash car or drive up and have your fortune told. Only $5.

Urban Artifacts

Yes m’dear it is hot in Vegas walking home frome the supermarket I saw this gem embedded in the got road.

I had to go back for a close up. And to think it is only 115 degrees out at 11:30 AM.


Won’t Find These At I-Hop

Mmmmm good. Facing a cold salad was not my idea of a tummy warming breakfast. The refirgerator revealed broccolli, spinach, onion,radish and one egg. What to do? I cooked up the broccolli until soft then mixed with hemp seeds and the one egg. Add black pepper, tumeric, sea salt and “bang!” A tummy warming pancake.

Urban artifacts

The first antler is a deva for combing away jealous haters. The second is death antler. It contains a “fortune” that reads ” death proceeds on scheduled rounds know not when ye shall be touched. “



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