I bought some flowers to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.



There was a 12% chance of rain today.


Fairy Garden

As you enter the aluminum can compound you are first greeted by a Fairy Garden.

I have just begun working on it. I planted the white iceberg rose yesterday, cleared off the land tonight and placed the Brownie’s (the little people) table and chairs. There are some wild flowers but still much to do with removing and replacing stones and planting more flowers and herbs.


Rain Umbrella


As I stand in the center

an invisible umbrella covers me

It rains everywhere but here



Just a bit of rain and wildflowers abound. How different from humans
whereas society rejects the beautiful wildflowers and exclaims over the thick 1″ green grass lawn exactly the same as one neighbors.
Here to all the wildflowers both human and plant. Proudly displace your unique color





Busy Town

7AM and it is a busy town outside. The birds exchange greetings, announcing new found food sources and weather predictions. This is normal but when I looked out the kitchen window I noticed a jackrabbit checking out the new roses I planted. A second rabbit began hunting the fresh clipped grasses and a third hopping back and forth.  By silent signal a game of chase began.

Birds of brilliant color, Cardinals, Blue Jays/ Desert Cardinals, Robins and starlings and birds I never saw before took flight back and forth as the quail and morning doves settled into their morning routine. It was my plan to complete planting the roses before it got hot. The white ice box roses are to thrive at the entrance and Tombstone Roses beside the aluminum can and a flowering plant claiming to attract hummingbirds, under the bird feeder.

The sky a heavy blue gray, clouds full with water  holding a false promise of rain a regal reign over the skies.

Beauty in the melding of sky and land.

Each day is memorable

each night full of wonder

To live in sync with nature



Killer Kows

“You know about the cows?”


“In Arizona it is free range, which means cows cam roam as they please.  If you don’t want cows in your yard you must put up a fence.”

The person who owns the cows doesn’t need to have a fence?

“No, if you don’t want cows in your yard YOU must put up a fence. Also if the cows knock down the fence or destroy anything it is not the rancher or cow owners responsibility.”

What?! Oh well, can I then have a big Bar B Que?

“No, you are responsible for the cows until the owner gets them.”

Until last night all I thought all I had to worry about were scorpions, rattlesnakes, gilamonsters, javilina, kissing bugs, and other poisonous snakes and likely other creatures no one has yet horrified me with. Now I need to add cows to the list.

These aren’t the nice New Jersey milk cows we are talking about?

“No. they are wild steers, beef cows and bulls. By the way bulls can jump 5 feet high.”

Not sure what my nightmares will hold tonight but scorpions even the translucent ones here seem much less intimidating.

Oh, by the way starting April 7 I will be feeding horses for a week. That should prove interesting as I have never done this. For those of you new to my blog I was born in The Bronx. There are not too many jumping bulls or stampeding cows on Madison Ave. Although the police do ride beautiful horses.

But I sure look cute in my pink cowgirl hat.

Okay, Maybe just a little of the drama queen

Lining up all my implements ready to clean out the well pump house and kill anything that moved I had my tree shears, saw, shovel and two headed hoe/claw. I began with cutting down the tree branches to where I could saw the thicker trunk like pieces and hauling them away. I did well ignoring the killer bees as I raked up the debris into piles or some of the larger sections I dragged over to the desert across the road to return to nature.

Hitching up my courage I opened the well pump house banged around a bit and when I did not hear a rattling noise proceed to shove mountains of trash and…. into a can for the dump. The first few mummified forms I ignored trying to convince myself it was just more trash but finally had to admit that at least four were petrified bodies of desert rodents. The first scream erupted when a tiny snake wiggled out and out of shear terror and auto-response I chopped at it with a shovel then threw it into the almost full trash can.  I continued shoveling and hoeing until my shoulder bumped a switch and a motor roared on. That was scream two. I quickly shut it off not know exactly what would be pumped where since a section of broken pipe was laying uselessly on the ground. Cleaned up a bit more of the trash and packed it in as it was now noon with a strong sun. I drove to the big town to shower at the gym and check out the tractor store. I shake my head in disbelief as I truly am not in Vegas any more.

Last night before I went to sleep I thought perhaps I should leave some milk out for the brownies so they might do some of my chores. This morning as I drove out of my drive onto the road I saw the man with the tractor filled the deep trench and made an easy drive for me. Wow, Brownies in human form. I was smiling at the kindness of neighbors. Something I do not remember I have ever experienced in decades.

The gym shower was not as pleasant as desired as a woman on the tread mill had Dr. Phil blasting with some woman whining on about her pitiful life. I was clean and felt better but I did wonder how anyone could actually chose to be bombarded with such awful existence and at such a loud volume.  Off to the tractor store. The perfect cart sat on the shelf. It hold 1,200 lbs. I could put my rocks in it and haul it across the yard. Perfect! At which point it crossed my mine it may be able to hold 1,200 lbs. but I could not haul that much weight. Deflated I went on to my next errand. By the time I finished I needed to stop at the gas station to fill up. Only two weeks ago I was was paying $1.89 a gallon and now it was up to $2.32 a gal. A man on an ATV pulled up to the tank next to me. As I opened the gas cover to begin filling scream number three escaped. He looked at me, “You need help?” There is a giant spider. “Do you want me to get it?” I nodded my head and whispered, yeah. “Yeah, he smiled and came over as this giant white monster crawled around my gas tank. With a gloved hand he knocked it down which would have been fine with me but a booted foot stomped on it and the white monster ceased to exist. With a sign of relief I smiled, dramaticly put my hand to my heart and said my hero. I think I made his day as we both drove off smiling.

Arriving home I planned to bake some oatmeal cookies for my tractor neighbor and went to look up a recipe. I found one for oatmeal cupcakes which sounded yummy so I began mixing. When my favorite UPS man came to the door, Remember long ago I told you about him, his name is D and he gave me a ride in the truck down my driveway.  I invited him to come in and see my paperbag floor which impressed him and told him if he delivered in town tomorrow I would bring a cupcake or whater shape they turned out to be for him. Well, I do not have a cupcake pan so I filled some oven safe bowls with batter and hoped for the best. Two giant cupcakes later they were done. I had to taste one to be sure it was to bring as a thank you to my neighbor. YUMMMY!

Off I drive to the tractor man’s house. Of course I have some salt scrub and body butter I make from my essential oils for his wife. We visit for the proper 15 minutes although they did not mind my unexpected visit at all. As I type this my phone rings and the hairdresser will bring me some rooted fresh mint to give to me at work tomorrow. I have said it before but I must say it again: Life is good here on the mountain in an aluminum can.

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