More than just finding your bliss

It takes more than finding your bliss it takes walking the path that leads to the goal.  The journey may be the bliss the goal may be the bliss but nothing happens unless one takes the first step.  Kinetic energy takes over after that. A ball in motion stays in motion. Get the ball rolling.

So what stops you? The fight, flight, or freeze scenario. Fight and flight are self explanatory but freeze now that is a discussion. Fear is one of the major freezing points. Fear of many things the two basic fears are failure and success. I realized this week end the fear I kept tripping over was the fear of success. In the past there had been people in my life who sabotaged me at my height of success and therefore I learned to self-sabotage or expect sabotage when experiencing success thus creating the fear. So i stopped myself before I even had a chance at success. The fear that kept me from moving forward.  I investigated and released it. I can not wait to get back to Las Vegas and begin my life of success.  I likely will not be staying in Vegas but until the weather clears to drive across country again, one or two months it will be Vegas.

Do you have a fear that stops you? How do you deal with fight or flight or freeze? Even the color of my feet changed when I understood this block and removed it. One could say I am on fire.  For months now I said how much I missed the fire in my belly now it is back the driving creative force of life.


I’ll get back to you Monday

I applied for an artist in residence to begin Feb. 1 and the review committee told me I would hear back by Monday.  That was (3) three Mondays ago. At the same time I applied for a scholarship to attend a conference (not the one I am at) never heard from them and the conference began Jan. 26. So much for businesses and people with integrity.

To me being a person of integrity is most important so is honesty.  If I say I will get back to you then I will be it a positive or negative response. Now that doesn’t mean I am as pure as snow then again the snow today is not so pure, so maybe I am. If it is a bunch of bureaucracy and paperwork sure I’ll get creative but person to person my word is good.  That is also how I plan to run my business.

I am creating and finalizing my Walk In Beauty program and in the vision and purpose I plan to include the word Integrity and mean it.  Before it is completed I plan to post for some honest feedback. Thanks in advance.

One for Intuition

I am certainly glad I listened to my intuition and attended this conference.  It is uplifting and has really helped me pull things together in my head.  The small flame that was flickering has now grown to a fire and as soon as I get back I plan to start sparking. Tomorrow can only be wonderful.

Oh, by the way, my daughter told me I have a compass on my phone and of course she was right,  That doesn’t mean I will use it or that I like south as opposed to turn left but…I do have a compass.  In case you didn’t know check your phone it is likely you have one too.

Nothing is dull in the life of Yotaki

As promised here is a photo of my “new” camper shell dated from the 1970’s.  Not a perfect fit and not pretty but I am getting used to it and am beginning to think it is cute in it’s own personal way. On the drive to Tempe I even started redesigning and decorating the camper. (Oh no! Somebody help me!)


I had begun the day with a short 3 1/2 hour wait while the repair shop checked brakes and filed or shaped the rotors adjusted the emergency brake and did all sorts of auto check/repair to get the truck back on the road.  Unfortunately no car wash but that would be asking too much, just fantasizing here for a minute. When I got the bill it was difficult but … the shop is so fair & since they missed some of the issue they did all the work for free.  How is that for honesty!

Then I went looking for a camper top.  While I was at the repair shop I checked out all the trucks with shells and found a name, called and was told they had tons of tops and to come down. They really did have thousands of them all shapes and sizes. The first salesman was showing me things in good shape and I told him I really did not want to spend more than $300.  Finally he gave up and asked the boss who found this old shell. It needed some repair and they faked it with tape and WD-40 which is fine because we all agreed it would be a one way trip use not a I’m going to live happily ever after in the back of my truck.  He guaranteed me no more than an hour to install.

This is Vegas and the guarantees here are not like they are elsewhere so it was almost dark by the time I left. The gentleman in the far corner of the photograph felt sorry for me, he was also the salesman and kept trying to buy me a hot dog from the convenience store because he felt bad I missed lunch.  It was sweet but I’m afraid if I accepted that offer I might have lost lunch. A young man 29 years old was the man in charge of the “repairs” and installation. After hours of talking and trying to come up with ways to install and adjust things we became friends. He actually invited me out to dinner but I pretended not to understand.  When it was time to leave he gave me a big hug. That made my third hug of the day from a mechanic.

So all in all a long tiring day where I gained 3 hugs a few new friends, respect for people I already thought of as friends and a camper shell for $180. Now all I need is for the weather to become accommodating and I will trek across the country once again.

There was way too much drama at the friends house where I was staying. None of the drama included me but you can’t help but be effected by it so I chose to drive to Tempe and attend a conference at a healing arts school. The drive was easy until I reached Wickenburg from there to Tempe was insane rush hour traffic.  Why does MapQuest tell you to head south? I do not have a compass in my truck so tell me to turn right or left not to go south.  Hopefully when I check out on Monday it will be after rush hour because this once small town is a huge city now. One more piece in my education, I do not want to live in a city unless there is mass transit (like NYC)  and I do not need a vehicle.  well, the conference begins in an hour so I must get ready for the next adventure.  Have a great day!

Sunset & Electrical Wires

Las Vegas Sunset

Even with the power lines the sky set fire to the Las Vegas evening.  Beauty of nature despite technology.

Have you ever?

Have you ever just done something because it felt like the right thing to do?  That if and when you do it something good will result? I have put off signing up for this conference thinking it is a bit of a gimmicky thing but it stayed in the back of my mind and finally  (last minute) this morning I signed up for the conference and paid for the hotel.  So tomorrow Warrior and I enter the truck now with a “new” camper shell and drive to Phoenix for a 2 day conference and a three night stay.  I hope my intuition is good and I do meet or enter paths with my next adventure.  I am feeling more and more excited as the day moves on.

Of course I will post a photo of my camper shell and tell you all about that experience!

Kung hay fat choy!

Happy Chinese New Year!  The year of the water dragon brings us great and wonderful blessings. I went to the Aria Casino to watch the Lion Dance and the feeding lettuce to the Lion.  I have posted some spectacular photographs of the decor. En

Awaken the Lions

The Lions are lined up and ready to be awakened for the new year.

Golden Dragon

The golden dragon with the Jewel in his claw. The Jewel bestows prosperity, luck and wisdom.

Of course the laughing Buddha for luck and prosperity.



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