Healthy Tummy Hugging Lunch

Healthy lunch after a day of making art,  Check out to see how my painting is progressing. Time to make lunch so I open the young coconut for milk.  Don’t all great cooks drink while they create? Over the week end I went shopping in Chinatown so all the ingredients were ready and waiting. I always cook in a cast iron skillet shook a little hot chili oil and sesame oil into the pan, fresh garlic one clove, a bit of onion, saute them then slice thin Chinese eggplant mix it in.  Here I add a bit of hot pepper and black pepper. I prefer firm Tofu so slice some in now. Next a handful of beansprouts. Oh, in the over I had red yam baking with some Korean chestnuts. When everything looks about done add a big handful of fresh spinach (it shrinks) stir it up.  while this is cooking slice a bit of red yam and two shelled Korean roasted chestnuts. Stir about to warm it all up and YUM! Healthy and delicious. Let me know if you try it.


Chi Cultivation

Chi cultivation, energy building all very important aspects of our life. Over the past few days some very sad and strange things have been put before me. People who have appeared healthy and vigorous are now fighting cancer and other debilitating diseases. Others have gone through personal issues of emotions and mental experiences.  Therefore I thought I would share a few exercises to help you build chi and vitality.

1. Bring your hands palms together about 1/2″ apart. Open your palms about 1″ to 2″ then bring them back together.  You may feel a resistance, bouncy feeling, tingle or more or less.  Keep opening and closing your palms and you will find the chi building up.

2. Now take a piece of cotton or a cotton ball and place it in the palm of your hand. The above hand acts like a hollow straw sending energy/chi into the cotton ball. You can use the cotton ball to reduce fevers.

3. Stand and imagine your feet are growing roots into the center of the earth. Center yourself. Now imagine that you are pulling up chi/energy from the center of the earth. Let this energy fill your body.

4. Those of you who live near a forest or by pine trees of any kind walk over to the trees and find one that is not close to traffic or pollution. Lightly place your finger tips to the pine needles. Feel the chi enter into your body through the tips of your fingers. At the same time you can imagine a beautiful green color surround you.  some may even smell the fresh pine scent.

5. Standing in the sunshine in a place where you can be barefoot, keep your feet shoulder distance apart, arms out to the sides begin to feel the sun on the top of your head.  Imagine the golden light coming in through the crown top and filling your whole body until it radiates out your fingers and toes. Your whole body is now a golden light body.

6. Stand with your feet growing roots into the earth, your crown top open to the sun and begin to rock back and forth from your heels to your toes and begin to shrug your shoulders as if asked a question you do not know the answer to the question.  You will align your spine and grow healthy.

7. Stand feet apart, arms out to the sides as if you held pillows under the arms and swing your arms back and forth across your body gently hitting your sides as the arms come around.

These are a few chi building exercises that will help to keep you vital and healthy.

Weight Update

Just wanted to update you that it is slow but that is the best way.  To date I have lost 2 1/2 pounds on my detox and getting back to size 0 plan.  If I can get someone to help me take a photo I will post it for you. One more week to go.  No it is not any fad diet or weird foods.  Well, maybe weird to some.  Last night I ate Bismate rice, mung beans and chickpeas. Lots of herbs and spices.  Yum to me!

Men & Cars

There is something about a handsome man in a red convertible. I think he knows just how fine he looks. This is Tobie, and he let’s my friend, Brenda, feed, walk and chauffeur him around.  Please don’t tell Warrior I posted another man’s picture.

Drinking again

Yep, I’m drinking again.  Trying to get 3 quarts of water a day for this detox.  I have lemon and lime to add to the distilled water. Yes, I know that is cheating but gee how much water can a person drink.  That doesn’t include the ginger tea and young coconut milk.  I was going to do the screw driver and hammer trick for the coconuts but while I was in the Chinese market they sold a coconut opener.  Perfect push turn and remove.  It actually works. Can’t spend too much time talking I have a glass of water and cup of ginger tea calling to me. So have a drink on me! Bottoms up!


King of the Hill

There is only one boss around here and I think I am being told who it is.


Yesterday I went to hear a Buddhist monk from Chicago speak about meditation and mindfulness yesterday. I have been pretty pissed off about someone stealing my sparkly bits phrase and claiming it as her own but then I listened to his talk.  From the examples he gave I was able to see myself reflected back. It is about her and her karma all that happens when I stay upset is I get stuck in the story.  I said my piece, spoke up for myself and now I move on.

He also said it is important to own your emotions and speak honestly about them. I did that part.  Now to get back into the moment, the now or mindfulness. So when I woke up this morning I began working on my canvas (please see my blog at and now I am going to do my morning yoga, shower and begin a happy, peaceful, and healthy day. Namaste & Sparkly bits, Yotaki

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