Chill’n With the Universe

Sitting under the stars
Chill’n with the universe
Wondering why

Crickets noisily discussing the day
Thoughts running madly away
The past full of who and why

Reaching upwards
My arm grows
Fingers touch the star glow

Sitting under the stars
Chill’n with the universe
Not caring why   just is


Luna Eclipse

Photos don’t come close to the spectacular performance by the moon.


Just beginning about 6pm.


A rear view.


Coming home.


Turning red.

I’m Off Chicken

“Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have captured and sequenced tiny pieces of collagen protein from a 68 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex. The protein fragments—seven in all—appear to most closely match amino acid sequences found in collagen of present day chickens.”

I have known about the research for a few years now. Actually. when I mentioned that scientists were trying to clone a Chicasaurus-rex,  my daughter gave me a look and immediately started tapping into her phone. Disbelief. Since then I barely ate any chicken a few months ago I saw the 3-D movie Jurassic World. Now I am off it entirely.

I can’t stomach the idea of biting into a dinosaur even if it is in the form of a chicken. Today I tried to taste a roasted chicken and it didn’t go well.  My neighbor was cooking an egg and I can still smell it. Not lovely.

I was a strict vegetairian for a few years and it is quickly moving back in that direction.  Living in the desert the fish is not real fresh. Even at the Farmer’s Market, where they sell organic, grass fed yak, beef, goat, lamb they hang up photographs of what the animals looked like before butchering. Just like the Red queen said to Alice,” You do not eat what you have been introduced to.” A picture is as good as an introduction.

Please don’t introduce me to broccoli, artichokes, avocado, spinach or yellow tomatoes, squash or edible flowers.

Breakfast of Champions


Cowboy coffee
Water, coffee grounds, cinnamon, tumeric, cayenne pepper, 1 or 2 grains Himalayan pink salt, vanilla, unsweetened chocolate. Bring to just under a boil, stir a bunch, strain and drink.
(Not sure if it really is but sounds good.)
Sauté in drop of peanut oil, onion, yellow pepper, hot green pepper, garlic. Turn off heat. Add spinach leaves, shake a bit Italian bread crumbs, pepper, basil, edible flowers (snapdragons), beat 1 egg and pour over mix in pan. I added a bit of sharp cheddar cheese,  cover with lid and let it cook.

Inside a Cloud


I awoke this morning within a cloud not knowing what lay arms distance away.
All was silent. No coyote nor human sounds.
Inside a cloud all is possible.
I wonder

Simply Adorable

Hello World…..Hello Washing machine.

My outdoor full size washer broke last October. I tired of going to the laundry mat.  So today I decided to buy a new washer.
The drive was strangly guided by wrong turns and missed streets. Sometimes it is important to listen. 
I turned into a mini strip mall of thrift and estate sale businesses. Walking in my attention was immediately pulled to a tiny hand crank washer. A while back I had been searching for one.
The proprietor showed me another machine. This was small, portable and absolutely adorable. And…I could carry it with 1 hand.  No questions asked it won me over. 


My clothes line is now full of clothes. It is supposed rain so I guess they will have another rinse. I can not be happier.

Edible Flowers

There is not too much you can do during monsoon, especially when the rain begins at 2 AM. Facing gray clouds rain and hail I chose to start a hot soup at 10 AM.
Now at 3 I was able to endulge.


Fresh organic spring mix with spinach, home grown tomatoes and sprouts topped with edible flowers. The flavors are so unique and edgy you don’t need dressing or vinegar. If you make it with rose petals the flavor is so delicate have a clean palette, no coffe, tea, smoking etc. for an hour before. Roses are interesting as each color has a slightly different taste.
Soup started as onion but that was the only ingredient I had so cabbage, turnip, yellow peppers were added. A little water, amino (soy sauce), and shot of marsala wine to cook in, pepper, 2 tiny crystals of hymalaian salt, parsley and some Italian type herbs without oregano.
Fantastic! It even brought the sun out momentarily. 
Let me know if you try it.

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