Tequila, Kazoos & Dust

Yesterday was one of those unexpected, yet amazingly entertaining adventures that one can have. Riding with a friend for 4 hours each way across 3 states to attend what we believed to be one of the years best gem, mineral and geode shows turned out to be a dusty ride back in time to the 1950’s flea market.  The dusty adventure crossed belief in both sight, sound and smell.  The first vendor had a ton ( I do mean weight) of freshly picked white sage.  There is nothing like the scent of fresh sage to purify the beginning of ones adventure.

The earth was a mixture of dry sand, clay and earth.  when looking at the locals you could readily believe stories of creation from dust and return to dust.  The land, air and creased faces were filled with a reddish ochra colored dust. As we picked our way back through time the “lilting” notes of the Ventures old instrumental, Tequila, assaulted our ears.  I say assault as the rendition was played on a kazoo.  Actually, he did quite well and the tune was instantly recognizable.

The flea market was full to bursting with amazing treasures including a radio from the 1950’s with special marks.  The marks represented the two stations one should turn to in case of nuclear attack. I overheard a group of women discussing the virtues of various rocks and if made into jewelry did they think the rock might fade.  I have never before concerned myself with the possibility of rocks fading in sunlight. How wonderful to spend your day pondering the quality of a rock.

The scent of down home Bar-B-Que, ice tea and an abundance of outhouses created the necessary ambiance.  Further down the road I actually found and purchased wonderful singing bowl and soft leather to make a new pair of boots for cloud walking.  (Cloud walking is a story for another time.) After a long day we returned to the parking lot which had one side fenced offed.  A graveside service as a casket was laid to rest in the dusty earth. Returning back again took us through 3 states and 5 hours until the glittery lights and the year 2011 coagulated around us.  I hope to once again return the the dusty past and bring with me some marbles which seem to be a hot commodity in that era.  I have been thinking of taking up the kazoo.  Since I am tone deaf it sould not really matter.


Beauty Meditation

The morning is a great time for meditation, contemplation and healing.  This morning before getting out of bed I did one of my favorite “beauty” meditations for healthy physical body.  I can still feel my skin tingling. I will record and post a short one for you.  I am still getting used to the blog and how it works.

January is the month of Tiger as a Totem animal.  I have chosen the Tiger because of its courage and ability to sink “his/her” teeth into something and hold on.  So what have you been putting off or nervous about starting new?  Use the Tiger to bring you courage and sink your teeth into the new adventure.

Remember the definition of courage is to do something even if you are afraid.  Have a beautiful journey today!  Yotaki

Hello world!

My name is Yotaki and I am a Dream Dancer. I am the CEO of, Walking The Wheel Productions“Walk In Beauty”, is a lifestyle program designed to bring body, mind, heart & spirit into balance. Each month the stories and exercises are based on a different totem animal from Indigenous people around the world and movements based on ethnic dance, qi gong and yoga.  I hope you find the journey fun and exciting.