Good morning sun, good morning moon


Morning sun


Morning moon.
It’s great to see two friends at the same time.


Luckiest Girl

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest girl in the world. I live on a beautiful healthy piece of the earth. At night I can reach up and touch every star in the universe. A 6 minute drive takes me to the border of Mexico.
How many people live on the border of another country? When I lived in France I could drive to Germany for lunch. Here I can walk into Mexico for lunch, a dance class, a dentist or Dr. Or what ever I want.
Can you ? It is magnificent. One minute in the USA a 30 second walk across the street and I am in another country. What an amazing life I have. I can only hope politics, people’s fears and confusion never takes that privilege from me. It is an honor I hold dear. Anyone want to meet for lunch?

Time is Limitted

As I was searching for images of still life paintings trying to be inspired on how to set up one that makes sense, is fun to paint and will be interesting to the viewer. Realistic painting is not so popular today so the setting is important. Some how as sorting through the images a Quote from Steve Jobs appeared.

“Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.” A powerful statement and it has been easy for me to fall into discounting my own inner voice after all they are so much …..blah blah blah…  You can fill in the blah with your own belief system.

At times my courage has risen up but it is not until more recently that I do follow my heart with courage. And it is so interesting that at those times it is when intuition guides me continually in the right direction which is most often against the tide of what others feel is best.

I am uncertain as to why this quote popped up as I searched for advice on layout and lighting for a still life but following my intuition and heart I know it will be in the right direction.

I would love to hear how you feel about the quote and does it strike a cord within you as well?

Good Morning Beautiful


And friends


It has come to my attention

Whisper softly
Revail yourself silently
Surprise exposure
Shouting without words


Where were you yetterday?


What will you be tomorrow my beauty?




You have arrived.

Dawn Approaching

Dawn Approaching



Then & Now

That was then this is now.


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