Stop Anyalizing Me

First it was the instant counselors, the self-help books and now all the new age princesses who know because Archangel so and so told them. No, you do not know me, you can not even see me much less feel me. Latching onto a tiny bit and throwing it into a file draw does not constitute knowing or seeing. Back when I worked as a clinical director everyone was diagnosed by what insurance was paying for at the time.  It did not matter if the client did not have the symptoms. Main reason I stopped that type of work. So now when the week end warriors who take a 2 hour course or meet the Guru flavor of the month feel they have all the answers I cringe.  That is fine if you know all the answers, wonderful, if you and your archangel can see all things, know all truth, wonderful, but… your opinion of me and your layman analytical slot fitting mean nothing to me. So, keep it to yourself. You have never taken the time to see me for who I am other than how I am advantageous to you. Perhaps you are the one who needs to look into the mirror and see the truth about yourself.

The over used come back of “well, if it resonates with you” is simply a defensive bullying technique on your part. No, you are not all knowing. Yes, I get pissed off when you feel it is okay to insult me with your inane dribble. This does not mean it is true or that I am less than what it means is

I am NOT your doormat and you do not have the privilege of stepping on me and wiping your feet. So kindly take yourself and your proclaimed spirit informers with you. Just smiling and hoping you go away and take the dribble with you has not worked so now see the door is open, please walk through it.


Too Long in the Desert?

I am beginning to wonder if I have been in the desert of Las Vegas too long.  Three times this week I have walked outside with velvet sweat pants and hooded sweat shirt on in 108 to 118 degree weather. I don’t really notice the heat until it gets up to 120 but you know what they say, “It’s a dry heat.” (But so is your oven.)

What is the meaning of OM (AUM)

In Sanskrit the meaning of OM is one who protects or sustains. The Vedic meaning is a symbol for everything, the universe. The word is made up of 3 parts:

AUM, The Ahh is the physical world, U the though world, M the dream world.  Existence. What exists before exists now.

Om is the infinite vibration which passes through all things. It “works” on a vibrational level as does the universe and our physical and spiritual bodies. Yhe sound awakens the deepest part of spirit, creator or the universal energy.  The essence of OM unites us all.

When you read the few short sentences it all sounds so simple but take a moment to contemplate the 3 sounds AUM and all that it represents.  Imagine the power of one simple 3 part sound that can awaken the deepest essence of ourselves and at the same time link all beings past and present together. This is truly awesome.

Somedays are a little harder than others

Somedays you just want to be Winnie the Pooh.  You know the sweet old bear who had no worries other than worrying about running out of his  a pots of huny. But being grown up and all we suck it up and get responsible.  Then again Christopher Robin bounced Pooh Bear down the stairs head first, No cruelty just the simplest way to carry a sweet old bear. So what does this all mean?

I leave the cold air conditioned environment to become infused with the warmth of the desert sun. I am grateful as it washes over me, heat sinking into my bones filling that empty place inside. I close my eyes and imagine the scent of the woods. Balsam trees, oak, maple and birch.  Walking over melting blacktop road dreaming of cool lush grass. I open my eyes and see rocks. Desert landscaping as it is called. Hot, sharp heat vibrating rocks. The visit to the 100 acer wood was nice but the sun touches my soul.

Maybe not Pooh but little Roo.  Just for one day ride around in Kanga’s secure pouch.

Guess we all have our dream worlds.