My clothes get so much cleaner when I use a washing machine instead of the diswasher.



I bought these because they are magical. Beautiful. Trapped in a tiny bottle is an endless possibility of beauty, creativity, magic & mystery. It has been almost two years and i dare not open a bottle. I have’t even opened the box. Unlike Pandora I see, I feel, I know with the inner knowledge the living, beathing potential inside.
The magnificence of what can be, all the potential, the possibility will be destroyed once openned. No matter how beautiful the object created may be it destroys the beauty and wonder if possibility. The magic or mystery if you prefer is gone. Lost forever and so these gems remain closed and revered for a moment longer. The magic of potential stays alive.


Toxic Waste

I started the day melting gladware top in the dishwasher. Just now instead of a nice cup of tea i created toxic air by burning a pot of water. But not all is bad. I proceeded to do what should not be done and stuck the empty pot under water. Bits began flicking off. The copper bottom is now shinny bright althought the apt. Doesn’t smell quite right.
I am leaving to drive to a class soon, the truck is on empty so please keep fingers & toes crossed that I make it to the gas station.

Teddy BearShaman

I woke up this morning and looked around my tiny apt.  When you have two rooms one with a small bump more commonly called dinning are it is not difficult to see everything with ease.  That’s when I noticed it.  There are a lot of teddy bears in my apt.  Actually many in my life. As my daughter was growing up to help her not be afraid if I was not around I would tell her the Care Bears were watching and protecting her. (Later she told me THAT scared her, but what do mother’s know) While I was hiking in Utah I was given a blonde stuffed bear. On the shelf in my studio, which others would be using as a bedroom, is a black bear, very cute I might add.  Then there is the small ceramic bear I bought because he is posed in happy bear position. Happy bear is one of my favorite yoga position because in order to hold your balance you must smile.  Without the smile no balance!

At my door is the guardian Christmas bear I bought for my daughter which I guess she never wanted but it always reminds me of her so I keep moving it with me from state to state. Now that you have the background let’s get to the point of the story.

Many of you may have gone to a “new age” meditation.  Well, I was invited to one over a year ago.  The person was a “shaman”, the kind that go to California once a month for a class.  Anyway everyone said how wonderful he was and I agreed to go.  This big white man in a fringed jacket stands up and beats a drum.  He has told us all we will me our totem animal. For 30 minutes he beats a 4/4 rhythm as we meditate and meet our totem animal. As per the routine we are all invited to share our experience. The fun begins as each person tries to out do the other with bigger and grander visions. One has met an eagle the next a wolf, so of course a wolf and eagle came to the third.  Then one was the eagle. And so the stories grew. Finally it came down to me.

I smile and tale a deep breathe. Some time in the middle of the monotony I did have a vision. A small black stuffed teddy bear came to me. Perhaps all of a foot and a half not too plump and totally adorable. When I “saw” him I smiled and tried not to laugh because I did not want to hurt his feelings. He seemed to know what I was thinking. Reasonable because I was thinking him into being. He turns and faces me with his hands on his hips and one of those looks that children give you when then try to demonstrate how powerful and wise they are. That’s when I noticed he had the most brilliant pair of hot pink spandex bike pants on.

Puffing himself up looking me straight in the eye he proclaimed,” All us medicine bears wear spandex!”

So today looking around my apt. I begin to wonder if my totem animal is not a small stuffed black teddy bear and perhaps I need to buy some hot pink spandex pants.

My door Guardian.  photo-218

One Of Those Days

Ran hills & burned 275 cal to start the day. Made a cup of coffe poured distilled water in instead of milk. Started a painting kept dipping my brush in the coffee so I guess it’s good i was using acryllic paint. Although the painting is not finished it is coming along so all is good.