Learning so much

I have been learning so much about people, places and things.  There are both the good and the bad, the amazing and sad.  Some days it feels like all hate and then I find gifts and good people popping in my path and messages of love from friends far away.


Honesty or Rape

It feels a bit like rape to know someone reads and follows my blog now just to find a way to hurt me or use my words in a twisted manner against me.

Enforced censorship for a temporary period.


Snow fall

The first snowfall.


3 Buffalo

3 buffalo stood in a field lightly dusted with ice and snow.
I wonder if their thoughts go back to the many who journeyed with them or if they have resigned to fate.
3 buffalo stood where once many traveled. I wonder if any will walk there in future time.

Grandmother’s white blanket

Mysterious sparkles filled the sky

They were not unexpected

Dawn  stilled

Crisp white blanket

Air silent and chill

Grandmother has gone to sleep

Be warm

Spring will be beautiful this year

I got your back

Someone asked me today what I thought a friend was. I didn’t have to spend any time thinking about my answer it just came out.  A friend is someone who has your back and there are no knives in their hands.

Silent sounds

Night slips in silently
Darkness has no sound
Silver stars, silent souls fill the sky

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