Old fat flabby grandma arms

I am sick and tired of hearing about them! I am tired of seeing them, even on young women. I do not think I have ever seen them on men, fat men or formally fat men. Sorry, no politically correctness here. Fat is fat, flab is flab. I refuse to believe that nothing can be done, it is simply part of old age, not aging gracefully, blah blah.

Wishing and hoping, rubbing on creams may all actually do some good but nothing creates muscle tone like toning muscles. What do men do that is different than women?  Men reach up.  Women coyly, whisper, eyes a flutter, “Honey could you please reach that for me or lift that, or carry that or gas up the car or walk the dog or or or… We simply do not use arms as much or in the same way as men.  So ladies for the sake of your underarms, self esteem and beauty:


That is step one and the easiest step.  Next we work up a little sweat. No need to break out the heavy weights, at least not yet.  Arms tighten up, firm up and look sexy as hell fast. A few simple poses and exercises can get you started.  (Remember to always check with a medical doctor before doing any exercise.)

Plank: plank position is well know to those who have taken a yoga class. You are in the high position of a “mans” push up. Hold this position for at least one minute.  You may need to work up to a minute.  If your wrist hurts or is weak curl the hands into a fist.  Once you have the strong plank position, belly button to spine, back straight and weight on the hands increase the difficulty by lowering your body half way down. Not a complete down position of the push up just half way.  Hold the down position for three seconds then back into plank.  Repeat this 3 times. In a week this should be easy and continue to work up to a set of 10 repetitions.  Do this 3 times.

Now walk to the kitchen cabinet and reach up to the top shelf for that can of soup or tomato sauce. If you do have light dumb bells feel free to use them. Balance yourself by holding on to the back of a chair.  Your side is in line with the side of the chair.  In your other hand is the can.  Bring the can up to the should and “kick back” by lowering the can to your side and raising it up behind you.  You will feel the triceps working.  If the soup can is too easy work your way up to the bleach or detergent bottle. Do 12 on each side.  Work up to 3 repetitions of 12.  Nice job!  Oh, be sure the top is on the bottle and closed tightly.

Last one for now.  You have worked hard and need to sit and rest.  Make yourself comfortable on the couch or chair and turn on the television. You wanted to watch that show anyway. Move your bottom to the edge of the chair/couch with your hands behind you on the seat. Now lower your bottom to the floor and press up to seating on the couch.  Don’t actually sit just skim and lower yourself down again. Do this through the entire commercial segments.

If you do the three simple things I have suggested I know you will begin to see a difference in 1 to 2 weeks.  After that you will be wearing sleeveless shirts to show off your “cut” arms.

And then there is always the simple phrase;

                 “Honey, let me reach that for you.”


Snakes, Dragons, & Lightening

As we Walk The Wheel we now move on to October.  October welcomes the totem of the SNAKE. He is the relative of lightening and the dragon. The snake moves on instinct is often invisible and one with the spirits.

The snake is a very powerful totem of healing and transformation.  It sheds its old skin for a new covering.  From this we devise transformation. As September comes to a close what old skin will you shed this month? How will you transform? Let snake guide and awaken the creative forces.

As lightening strikes the earth a snake is formed.  The medicine of fire and transmutation. Emotional and powerful. Let the force of snake light a fire within you to move forward, to release the past, shed the old skin.  The creative forces are now awakened and you design your present for the month.

I will continue on with the story of snake and this powerful totem but for now let your mind wander as I ask again,

” What is it you will shed this month? ”     “How will you transform?”


The Wind Cries Yotaki

The wind carried my name in it’s arms tonight. What magic and mystery would unveil. The Y seems to cry my name demanding attention. Perhaps it has come time to move on.

Just can’t do it any more!

          To change your life do it flamboyantly, do it immediately,

no excuses!

I am not sure where I first read that and am sure it is not an exact quote but it is still a very powerful thought.

Here is an introduction to another story I have written.

The Young Gypsy Girl

As a young Gypsy girl, Yota, danced at the campfire enchanted by the rhythms drawn forth from violins.  Sitting on the edge of darkness the grandmothers shared stories as they ground herbs & flowers into medicine.  It was a good life.

Reaching the wise age of 7, it was determined to be time for her to venture forth into the world to seek her dream.  In preparation Yota dressed in 7 of her most colorful skirts and a delicate white blouse with intricate embroidery on the sleeves.

Whispers of the leaves and the song of a very sad sounding bird transported  Yota into another place and time.  A beautiful gold ring completely encompassed her ankle. This ring had no beginning and no end.  Not even a joint where a jeweler may have soldered it.  It radiated a mysterious power.

Yes, it is time to put on flamboyant skirts, a magical gold ring and walk out into the world.

Going through an opening in the sky

I hiked a mountain tonight.  At the top was a structure of great mystery. What visions one can have through the window.

The vision:


What is my intention? Honestly, I believe intentions are the most important factor in our doing.  It is taught in the Kabbalah and with Native American/Indigenous People that we and all things are connected. Therefore what I do effects you just as what you do effects me. Should I be jealous and angry in my mind, I see the fibers connecting each of us begin to damage and fray.

Love, a word I won’t dare attempt to define, the universal all accepting kind of love, repairs the frayed ends of the threads. So what is the intention behind my actions, my thoughts? Is it for me alone and the ego boost, money, fame and fortune I could gain or is it for the us the connectedness the beauty. I would like to believe that I work for the repair of the world, the unconditional love but I know that I am only a humble woman who walks this earth and stumbles more times than I would care to admit. As I write that I realize the very act of admitting is repairing.

So once again what is my intention? My intention is to learn, feel and experience the life as I climb the ladder of spiritual knowledge not so I can brag about splitting clouds or ninja-like moves but so in my infinitesimal way I can help us all become closer to the light. Based on this quandary I have begone a series of  dolls, multi-media, paintings and ( who knows where this may lead) art works. I hope to post a completed one by this week end.

What is my intention?  My intention is to ignite the flame in all who I meet, to touch the tiny spot in the heart that is open to the light, not for me rather for the universe, all the stars, animals, plants, stones, creatures, humans and everything.

Tea & Comfort

There is nothing like a hot cup of tea with a friend.  By tea I mean the real stuff not some decaf stale dry weed of unknown origin stuck inside a paper bag.

So here I was sitting with a friend and we were discussing something that happened long ago in a class I was teaching when he became very animated and turned to me, “I don’t know what music they are hearing but I sure don’t want to dance with them!” It was so profound I just had to write it down on a napkin. We all, each and everyone of us exist in our our reality made up of all our past and present experiences which in turn create our future. Some hear a source of music that they dance to and it is so disconnected to the rest of the world we can only shake our head in wonderment.  Of course there are the angry ones who have the constant chip on the shoulder or always have something more tragic in their lives. I actually heard two people at work arguing about which one was more OCD than the other one.

What is the world you dance in? Could others be invited and would they want to come?  Is it possible to share a joint view of reality?  And if I share my view of reality and invite you to come dance with me does it then become our reality and no longer mine?  Lots of very interesting questions.  But I had to agree with my friend I did not want to dance with them either.

I think I will make a nice pot of tea and slip into the tub to ponder what is the music I’m listening to and how shall I choreograph my tomorrow.

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