When did you stop believing in magic?

Feeling very stressed and listening to all the nay Sayers in my head for the past two weeks I went to the library and got a romance novel. I figured it would take my mind off reality. So of course the handsome strong hero has come to Maine from past time in Atlantis. The heroine who is beautiful and does not know it keeps needing his rescuing. No reality. No deep thought.

But of course the universe works in mysterious ways. The hero frustrated is at a crossroad wondering if he should give up and walk away or play one more attack. At this point a friend also from the past and Atlantis asks him a very pointed question,”When did you stop believing in magic?”

Wow! Could that be the whole reason I checked out this book. My head reverberates with the dawn of enlightenment. That is the question. When did I, me, me who always believes in magic, even to get a parking space. when did I stop believing in magic. Sadly I acknowledge it has been a long long time. Months, for months something has eaten away at and has deteriorated my uncompromising faith. Where is my belief? And how to regain it?

When did I stop believing in magic. Something I accepted without question. Something I knew would always be there. I can now feel the deep void. The empty space is like a stomach so hungry the grow echoes deep inside.

I have decided that I must create a physical awareness to reinforce the belief. Sparkles.  That is a start. I fill my pockets with sparkles and let them escape. Nothing reinforces belief like sparkly bits. It is not as easy as Tinkerbell would like you to believe. I did clap my hands, a lot.

Another question: Why not? Why not? is my answer. All the worn out platitudes, nothing ventured nothing lost, positive affirmations all that goes out the window with a bit of glitter. Why not? That stays. Why not dream my dreams again, why not do what I want or be who I am, why not? For when I walk and live in the world of magic and mystery nothing goes wrong. Of course there are adventures. That is part of the magic but when I believe nothing is impossible.

I can feel the awakening, the stirring, the power. Once again I begin to believe in magic.

Let me ask you: When did you stop believing in magic? Do you walk in the world of possibilities or do you live in the magic?