When wind blows off the roof

I came home to find the wind had blown the roof off half the garage narrowly missing knocking down the power pole. So what now?!?

Screw down roof that is left. Reinforce beams and begin to turn the outside into a stone cottage.

It is spring so a little spring cleaning is in order. Walking the property I find an old tub, the top of an igloo dog house, broken chest of drawers, set of stairs I built in construction class and other random items.

Next I began digging and dragging dirt from all around. First time I was grateful for the gophers digging tunnels for they aerate and make for easy to dig soil.

Keeping gophers in mind I bought a hanging shoe bag/ organizer to hold herbs and lettuce out of greedy gopher paws. Hung a door on the garage to deter deer and rabbits, bird net over the missing roof area.

Yesterday I planted the first round of seeds. I still have three table tops to plant and have my eye on a two part roof carrier in the yard. I just need to separate the halves and haul in to what I’ve dubbed “My Secret Garden”

I’ll post updates as plants grow and wouldn’t it be a wonderful location for grape vines?!!

Clouds in my coffee

Morning clouds. Magnificent and powerful.

Agave Housing

The century plant sends up an agave flower and then it dies. The birds love to move in. Working in conjunction the woodpecker who makes a perfect hole and then the birds move in.

This housing unit has been here for the six years I’ve lived here. After strong winds I re- tie the support ropes careful never to straighten it as the nests inside would be destroyed.

A neighbor came by yesterday and pointed it out. “Are you going to cut it down? Burn it?”

“Why?” “It’s where the birds live. See the holes.”

“It will fall” straighten it out!” “Why do you have it!”

“No, the ropes are secure. I can sit in my kitchen and watch the birds. I’ve seen families come and go, babies born and learn to fly, new nests be build, community thrive.

Now I wonder why we are even friends. We see the world so differently.

Wisdom of Saffron


an autumn-flowering crocus with reddish-purple flowers, native to warmer regions of Eurasia. Enormous numbers of flowers are required to produce a small quantity of the large red stigmas used for the spice.

Made basmati rice and added red saffron which turns a beautiful gold. There must be inner meaning. How within Ones pain is gold. Like wabi sabi. Repairing the crack in pottery with gold. It is the imperfections that create beauty. I think while eating Basmati rice and saffron I’ll meditate on healing the cracks.

Swallowing Mexico

Wind, rain, snow and clouds swallowing up Mexico.


We are having 30 mph winds with 50 mph gusts. Two days ago it was 70 and now they say tonight’s rain may actually be snow. Does anyone still question global warming or any environmental change happening?!?

So Arizona

Kind vs Nice

Nice is defined as pleasing, agreeable, delightful. Kind is defined as having, showing or proceeding from benevolence. So in a world you can be anything be kind.

I love that. It’s easy and sometimes meaningless to just be nice. Nice people can smile at your face and stab you in the back. But to be kind you would never hurt another. Again in a world where you can be anything

BE KIND🌸 it won’t ever be forgotten. I promise.

Oatmeal & Peanut butter

With two more hours of snow to come a breakfast of hot oatmeal & peanut butter sounds heavenly 💕

Medicine plants

Working on my own design for a set of focus cards. This will be Plant Medicine. Watercolor, pen on watercolor paper.

Wisdom of the 3 lil Pigs

Remember the nursery story about 3 lil pigs? First one built a house of straw. In my case it was bamboo. The wolf was 45 mph winds that blew it down. So skipping the sticks fiasco I jumped to bricks. Today’s winds are 30 mph and the bricks are holding up.

Wisdom of the pigs. You should value those childhood stories when constructing a wall.

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