The secret garden has started producing and it is yummy.

Monsoon Sky

Monsoon sky working its was to storm.

Secret Garden through the Roof

My secret garden is growing through the roof. Monsoon rains feed the plants

Secret Garden

My secret garden is taking over. Growing wild. I love it. We talk everyday. I made a raised bed for the squash they are crawling out of it. Bathtub for carrots and peppers. Watermelon and squash in the luggage rack, tomatoes in the dog house. Then there are tubs and two chest of drawers for beets and I forgot. Can’t wait to see how much they grow tomorrow.

Deer are so skinny and it it so hot and Dry I left a few apples out.

Fairy Lily, Vinegar, Soap

Yesterday I chased a tiny bunny away from my fairy lily 3 times. So I tried an old wise woman remedy. Soak a tag in vinegar, poured some on the rocks as well then put Irish Spring Soap down where the bunny stands.

I guess it works. This morning I have two blooming.

Fairy Flowers

The desert willow is in bloom and the fairy lily is about to open. (As long as the rabbits don’t eat them) I am certain my yard has been blessed by the fairies.

Secret Garden

You saw the earlier post about the wind blowing off the garage roof. Well, look at it now.

Marriage of mermaid & Phoenix

For the past two weeks I’ve been getting rabies shots and taking antibiotics that make me sun sensitive. Today I drew a picture for the nurse who has been giving me the shots. She is great. The needle doesn’t hurt not even sure it’s in of course about 5 minutes later it hurts but I thought a thanks was in order. What do you think?

Happy Mother Earth

Happy Mother’s Day drawing for Mother Earth.

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