Twisted Winds Halted

Forceful winds blow foreboding

no longer warnings.

The danger has arrived

Winds entangle lies, lies caught between the bamboo stalks

shattered promises, hope devastated,

broken scattered remnants.

Powerful winds unable to budge memories stuck in the quagmire of time.

Watch your step


Would have ruined my day if I stepped  on him. His too.



Ocotillo is not a true cactus. For much of the year, the plant appears to be an arrangement of large spiny dead sticks, although closer examination reveals that the stems are partly green. With rainfall, the plant quickly becomes lush with small (2–4 cm), ovate leaves, which may remain for weeks or even months.




Bathing in water that contains crushed flowers or roots has been used to relieve fatigue.
Native Americans are known to place the flowers and roots of ocotillo over fresh wounds to slow bleeding.
Ocotillo is also used to alleviate coughing, achy limbs, varicose veins, urinary tract infections, cervical varicosities, and benign prostate growths.
Fresh flowers are sometimes used in salads and have a tangy flavor.
Flowers are collected, dried, and used for tisanes.
The flowers are a crimson red. This one is from my yard. It can aldo. E used to build fence or as a walking stick.

Purple sage tree



Morning Glory


Good morning beautiful blue morning glory. What a peaceful joy.

No Milk

I have a very sad cup of tea tonight.

No milk.

Earl Grey

but…No milk

Good Morning


Went out to my compost bin an got a bigger jolt than coffee. I sure love that snake netting.

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