Eve of Destruction

Two egotistical bullies call each other names as they prance chest out as roosters in a cock fight. Threats made at the expense of the nations people. Both leaders will dive into a bunker to watch their people melt in flames and those unfortunate to survive the first explosion to suffer and die.

It is a most frightening and sad time. Horrifying. Petitions and protests are useless, likely unseen. The time for Thinking positive and praying for peace has long ago passed us by.

Perhaps if the two insane bullies could be locked in a soundproof windowless room where no one can see the posturing or hear the threats they could actually work something out. But that is yet another fantasy like peace and love.

What can be done? We are the people who shout about democracy, independence and rights yet we cow down bow our heads and allow ourselves to be lead to slaughter. Is it time to stand and fight for independence and freedom? Time to run to another border? Hope for the best? Move to LA or NYC and be first hit, to melt? Or to just continue to do nothing? Like so many. The masses have power if only brave enough to stand up together refusing to be lead to the slaughter.