Extreme Winds




Best core workout ever!

Did the best core workout today. Arms and abs felt the burn. You don’t need a gym just a chain saw and wood.
First I went to the wood pile and chose some of the larger mesquite wood. It is a heavy hard wood. Cut it. Then you need to bend to pick up pieces and carry indoors.
When I had enough dry wood cut I went to my neighbors house. They had two trees lose branches in the snow. I filled the back of my pick up with wood came home and repeated another set of cut, bend, pick up and carry.
Best abs and arm workout ever and I have taught in the gym and athletic clubs for years. No membership needed.

Finger Touch

I was typing a message to a friend and then decided to send the same message to another. So I took my forefinger as did the copy and paste.
I started to wonder if the invisible words were stuck on the finger tip. So I tried it again. Then I tried another finger. It worked too. It seems no matter what finger you use the invisible words appear.
There must be some deeper cosmic meaning to this.

Detoxing Yotaki Style

After 2 months of not being able to lift or exercise in preparation for eye surgery gave me a bad case of cabin fever. New years came and jan. 11,2016 I had surgery. Another 2 weeks before I can lift or exercise. The only thing to do was to plan a reward. I would dye my hair purple and blue.
So I made the appointment and impatiently waited. My hair WAS long enough to tuck into my jeans. The lady explaned how damaging the colors are to your hair. So after 5 minutes of back and forth I gave her free reign. Not totally but she took it anyway. One snip 12 inches were gone. Some how I was ok. Textured and colored a healthy eggplant color my now shoulder length hair actually looked shinny, healthy, and beautiful.
Not to lose any new year momentum I detoxify my refrigerator.


The big jug in front is master cleanser.
The cleanse is for one month for kissing bug and a good way to start the year.
Today is day 4.
Progress continues. I’m detoxing the house. A room that could be better used as a shower will evil vibes was torn down today. Feels amazing and clean now. Later this week it will be rebuilt.
Back to yard work, weighted hula hoop, exercise, and sauna.
3 days of master cleanser then vegetarian diet.
Oh nothing is that simple in Yotaki’s world. For the time being my bed is in the kitchen since the bedroom is a art studio. It’s almost tomorrow I just wish I was sleepy not hungry.

Through the Windows

Good night


Good morning


Beautiful Killer

A few days past I was excited to see the return of two old friends. One a large quail the other a cotton tail that I watch grow from bunny to maturity. It is funny how I recognize my neighbors. I have seen the visitor many times.


(Photo was taken long distance from inside)
Beautiful killer walked pasted my window carrying limp and lost in her powerful jaws my cotton tail friend. Having managed to escape rattlesnakes a bitter cold winter and snow appearing for early spring only to be snatched and killed for dinner.
Some how the cat dragged the rabbit as big as it into the shed to dine on. Today I see her scoping out the yard for another meal. It is simply the circle of life but I would like my beautiful Killer to focus on pack rats and rattlesnakes.

Lil’ Adorable 2


My brother bought me a tiny rocket mass stove that you can even cook on.
I cannot wait to have HOT tea in my yurt on these cold days.
Lil’ adorable 2, what’s next?!

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