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A very busy past two days and no chance to post which gives me a lot to talk about now. Again the winds have been wildly blowing and creating massive changes and energy flows.  I also am effected by the winds.  This time I did not try to fight against the flow rather allowed it to cleanse and manipulate me. On Saturday a whirlwind put myself and some very earthy instruments together with a musician and master mixer.  Recording sounds, rhythms and poetry for a soon to be CD.

The trickster wind being what it is brought an evening of fun, adventure new friends, food and joy together until the pre-dawn hours.

Today began only a few hours later with nightmares of turtles nipping and biting me.  Wrestling with one more vicious turtle I woke up to find it was my cat nipping and tugging at me which is his way of demanding breakfast at 6AM. Once up I might as well proceed with the day.

Today was a fantastic and fun experience at a Spa Expo.  Fascinating people and booths with every sort of light therapy, massage table, new “cure” and some wonderful natural or herbal creams. Everyone was knowledgeable and kind.  I have a few samples to test out and hopefully use and endorse. I plan to return to the Spa Expo. tomorrow and will give you names and details.



Have you noticed lately how everyone is a Shaman?  They take a week end class or drink something hallucinogenic and claim to have a near death experience which therefore qualifies them to do soul retrieval or some other formally traditional ceremony. So what is a Shaman and how can you tell who may be real?

The word “Shaman” comes from Siberia. A Shaman gains identity from others.  It is in relationship to the community that one becomes a Shaman, whose world is often quite dangerous and lonely. A Shaman is both a common person who shops, cooks and works as well as the one whose spirit enters other realms to fight evil spirits, reclaim souls, heal, gain information/messages a very difficult existence.

A shaman fills many roles for the community.  They are, priest, teacher, doctors, social workers/psychiatrists, mystics and the like.  The basic technique for shamans is a controlled trance that lets them travel between upper and lower worlds and the realms of spirits.  There are various levels of reality. Perhaps you have seen glowing lights around a persons head?  These are often visible with a digital camera.  This is and example of the spirit world. Power can be gained from interaction with the other worlds. Life can also be lost.

A shaman must also be a great showman and lead the audience in the direction they wish and to see what the shaman has set before them to see. They use many props, costumes and herbs or powders to make fire flash. Usually a shaman will play a drum or rattle, some instrument of power. Dance is another way to express themselves. The special powers are evident at birth. They are often defined by society as neurotic or psychopathic.

The initiation process is arduous and dangerous.  After there are years of instruction. The trance state is fundamental to the shaman and what takes place during initiation determines their ability as a shaman for life. A shaman is both a central member of society and well as one kept on the outside of society. They have a use or purpose but are not seen as a friend rather to be feared and respected. The shaman’s purpose is to serve their community/society.

Transvestites in some societies are believed to be the only true shamans. Very often it was the shaman who was the political adviser to leaders and during times of war. During the 20th century shamanism was investigated as a form of mental illness. Russian anthropologists often talk about the mental illness of shamans. Freud wrote about the mental illness of shamans as well. This was based on the often very active and violent actions of a shaman during a healing practice.

There is so much more to what a shaman is and does.  There is so much more than a trip on mescalin or another hallucinogenic might produce.  Be careful of who you follow and what you believe.  Always stop and consider if the behavior you are about to partake in is safe and the right one for you.


Meditation: How and Why


Meditation: How and Why


Meditation can help you bring up your inner strength and personal peace. There are many different ways to meditate.  Some sit in a yoga posture, gaze at a candle, others chant a mantra (word or phrase), some focus on a blank mind while others acknowledge thoughts without focusing on them, and others used a guided meditation and follow a story or journey.

There are many benefits to meditation.  Lower blood pressure, increase in health, growth of creative ideas, connection to the source or universe. These are only a few benefits.

Sit in a chair with your back straight and feet flat on the floor.  Do not cross arms or legs. Your palms can rest on your lap or by your sides.

To begin focus on the breath; Inhale deeply and exhale with a long sigh. Repeat for a series of three (3) times. As you inhale push the breath down into the belly.  You should be able to see and feel your belly area expand on the inhale and contract on the exhale. Relax your body. Imagine your shoulder blades are huge wings that cascade down your back, the spine is like a long kangaroo’s tail sinking deep into the earth. Let the feet grow roots deep into the earth and the head reach up beyond the stars. Now imagine you are within a beautiful golden white bubble and breathe the golden light.


Relax and gently close your eyes. Imagine you are standing under a beautiful waterfall that is washing away all stress and negative thoughts.  Should any thoughts cross your mind, like a to-do list, just acknowledge it and let it move on. Do not focus on any particular thoughts.

As you relax you may have the sensation of flying or moving in a certain direction.  At some point the light show will begin and you witness colored lights flashing and moving about. If none of this occurs that is fine and just as likely as you are to have it occurring.

Some people set an alarm for 10 or 15 minutes while others just allow the time to pass. When you meditate it is best to turn off all phones, door bells, put up a do not disturb sign and give the 15 minutes as a gift to yourself.

Animal Totems


Totem Animals come to us at various points in our life.  Some stay with you for a long time while others are temporary while some will come into your life at various times of need or growth.

As you begin the journey take care that you do not block a totem animal by waiting for one you think you should have or someone told you was your spirit animal.  Be open to all and any creature that may enter your awareness.

Each animal carries its own meaning and medicine.  The animal is your teacher and feel free to ask any questions.  It is important to show gratitude for the teachings and protection offered. Always say thank you and if you have a small image you must feed it.

The Totem animal can change as your life and needs change but if you have shown it respect you can always call on them.

Totem Animals & their meanings

Mountain Lion: Wisdom, wisdom to integrate all your life experiences

Wolf: quest for illumination, insight and enlightenment, loyalty and mate for life

Badger: Needs of the ego and physical body, human drive, single mindedness

Bear: personal strength and self examination

Eagle: heights, sharp vision being able to see the overall picture and tiny detail, ability to see fear and weakness in others

Mole: connection to the earth and healing herbs, use of all sense other than sight

Coyote: trickster, teaches us to see what we are unwilling to

Crow: transformation helps us to transform often by tricks and stories

Ant: attention to the tiny details, hard work and perseverance

Snake: connection to lightening, closest to invisible and spirit, moves on instincts

Owl: medicine of the shadow self

Rabbit: social, eager to please, strong awareness of others

Fox: Clever, loyal to family & friends, knows how to blend in and use others weaknesses to benefit the fox

Turtle: centered, self-reliant, focused

Frog: water, primordial time, knowledge of beginning of time

Deer: nurturing, sacrifice for the higher good

Horse: Power, control over environment, ability to communicate with all species, energy healing

Tiger: Courage, Perseverance, ability to sink your teeth into something and hold on tightly

Sunshine Qigong Friendship

A few years ago I was teaching a mind body class at the local gym.  Mind body was a combination of qigong and yoga geared to the gym clientele. The class was an hour long.  I would turn the lights off to begin with a short centering meditation usually there was enough light entering from the main gym no light needed to be turned back on.  This day about 10 minutes into the class a tiny ball of sunshine entered the room putting down her mat she quietly joined the class.  There was something magical about this 5′ reddish blond haired woman that just lit up the room. She participated in the class the same as everyone else but my eye kept being pulled towards her.

I always finish the class with everyone standing with a huge smile arms and legs wide apart as we create happy chi and pull it into our center.  This bubbly woman came up to thank me for the class and say she would be back next week.  sure enough 10 minutes into the class a ball of sunshine enters the room and somehow just her presence made everything right in the world.

It is not often we cross paths or meet  someone who can affect our life.  Today I found myself thinking about her and how without saying anything she could light up a room. I called to let her know how much her presence meant and what an enormous effect she had on me and the class.  Class never seemed as much fun when she could not make it. Although she never said a word during the class her energy was as strong as the sun.

I have learned much from her. I would love to be remembered for my ability to light up a room.  There are so many people who can take the energy down to a low, disturbing, or negative level and so few who can lift it.  Here’s to all the balls of sunshine out there may your light grow stronger and brighter each moment. You are remembered fondly.

sounding healing and tuning forks

There are many types of healing.  Healing with sound is one of the oldest and strongest vibrational methods. When you combine sound therapy with other methods you have truly potent methods or tools.  Ultimately, the healer is the one who seeks healing not the practitioner.  The seeker of healing can accept or reject the healing or even refuse healing all together.

Om is an ancient vibration. It is the vibration of the earth and what each one of us are attuned to. Using a tuning fork keyed to the om can be placed on meridians or a body area and treated with the sound, vibration and any other method utilized such as aromatherapy or herbs, color and so on.  When energetic healing is added to the process you have an incredible treatment. One may whole heartedly wish to accept the healing but still not be healed.  Perhaps the disease has gone too long or is too powerful or perhaps it is the persons time, exit date.  Yet, alternative healing methods can create peace and balance.

Tuning forks vibrate when struck the end or handle can be placed on an area.  The sound vibration will go to the area it is needed.  Each cell in the body responds to the vibrations.Many people have experienced amazing results.  One of the more common therapies is placing the tuning fork on the center of the forehead to rid a headache. Tension is held in the shoulders and placing a tuning fork on that area can help the muscles release.  My preference is for the om tuned fork.

Healing Rooms

It seems as if everyone has a healing room these days.  Some have dedicated a room in their home for Reiki, massage or other healing modalities. Others rent a room in a healing arts center.  Some are actually very cozy and inviting. You feel instantly safe and comfortable while others may remind you of past times or even your Grandmother’s boudoir.  I have been in healing rooms with an Oriental flavor, new age, cheap chic while others focus on a healing color for the day or appear to be quite clinical.

Very often they utilize aromatherapy.  I find those burning incense to be too over powering.  Some have applied chakra oil to a pillow or spray the air with a special chakra spray.  The lights are dim and can have a candle burning. Often singing bowls or tuning forks are used to enhance the experience and all have relaxing music of some type.

There is a spa here which has massage rooms open to the rest of the spa area.  The spa is divided into male and female areas, wet and dry facilities.  In the wet facility are massage rooms.  These rooms do not have a door so the movement and sounds of other patrons enter your space.  There are treatments using crystals, hot and cold stones, various oils, milk and roses, each with it’s own healing potency.

What do you find as healing?  Why would you visit a healing room?  If you have a healing room or are a professional in the field what is your intention? As a practitioner what do you wish to create in your space? As a client what is it you are looking for when you enter a healing room?

For me, I find it much like the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It is my desire to leave the outside world behind as I enter a world of peace and calm, a sacred place of healing or stress reduction if even for only 50 minutes.  Time to rejuvenate, repair and refocus.  A place to go and to feel the universe nurture me if only for a moment.  I would love to hear about your experiences and and what you are looking for.

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