Good Energy

Oprah: a sign/message that hangs in Oprah’s dressing room.

Take responsibility for the ENERGY you bring into this space.

Wow! I am still in awe of that statement. Powerful! Take responsibility, great start is you ask me.  Own it, your mood and how you effect others.  What is the purpose of knocking them down, draining their energy…those energy vampires, zapping with hate, anger, jealousy, meanness, your personal need to be stressed out, or in a rush.  I have one room in my apt. that is just for yoga and meditation.  It is wonderful calm loving energy. Nothing rushed or radical enters.  I have a front door that allows a lot more in but the meditation room is up stairs and around a corner, plenty of filtering out time.

My circle of friends uses the same philosophy.  If you don’t believe in my dream at least support me in my dream.  If not stay out of my circle.  Don’t tell me warnings, negatives and your fears.  I stop listening when a statement begins, “For your own good or you should think about…” No, that is all about you and your fears no me.

Have you ever gotten a headache after spending time with someone? Or a pain in the neck? If you make me sick we don’t dance.  That is all there is too it. Not that everything has to be fun and joy.  Be human, be honest and be responsible for the energy you bring.  My daughter and grandkids just visited for four days.  The energy was full of love and joy.  Now my home is full of positive energy there is no way I will invite an energy vampire in to destroy it.

You can be as mean and miserable as you want but you are dancing in that boxing ring alone.  Tonight I went to a group where we did laughter meditation.  We all sat and laughed for 2 solid minutes.  One person laughed so hard tears rolled down their face two others actually rolled on the floor. Some faked it at first but by the time 2 minutes was up we all had sore cheeks from genuine laughter and joy. The room was full of positive energy.  Laughter is still the best medicine.

I just can’t stop thinking about how wonderful that quote is.  I am responsible for the energy I carry with me and you are responsible for the energy you bring.


Okay so I did what I tell everyone not to do

I was searching for something and bending and reaching, turning and twisting moving heavy boxes and heavier boxes until I pulled my lower back.  Did the immediate ice trick & swallowed an Asprin and felt better in 10 minutes. You guessed it! I went right back to turning and lifting. Pulled it again and this time it hurt more. So I stopped still not finding what the search was for. So a word of advice “Don’t do as I do rather do as I say; don’t lift and turn at the same time.” By morning I expect all will be right in my world although I sure would like to know where I put that box.  I remember it being on the top.  Just not sure what top.

Rose Quartz

People do lots of things with crystals and when my friend Sarah starting talking about rose quarts during her Reiki circle I didn’t expect to hear what I heard. As most of you who read this blog likely know rose quarts works with heart energy and love. She said how at night when she charges up her phone a rose quarts crystal is placed onto top of the phone and the next day she will receive the most wonderful messages. Since there is a double retrograde going on I felt it would be good to try and to help prevent negativity. I rested my phone on top of a large rose quartz candle holder as it charged all night.  It was late when I arrived home tired and not wanting to go through my stones I thought this was a good solution.

I can’t wait for all the happy messages to start coming through!


Heyokah is a contrary, one who goes against the rules or way of society. Heyokah teaches through opposites and often laughter. Trickster, coyote, crow or sacred clown are often Heyokah teachers. To take on the burden of Heyoka is a major commitment and heavy burden. This sacred trickster makes one figure things out for themselves. They will kick away your crutch so you fall and must pull yourself up onto your own legs or beliefs. During feast days or ceremony they often play tricks and make others laugh at themselves.  At times the tricks will backfire and the trickster must look at their self. The laughter that surrounds the lessons is for the whole community. and helps to destroy what is not good and restore balance or beauty.

It is not about losing face but being a good good sport and being able to laugh at ones self. The prank is to teach a lesson. Now one must reflect on how they would react if the joke was on them.  Some will think and discuss it later for spiritual growth. It is all about balance to prepare for adventure to celebrate more than mourn and rejoice in the divine sacredness of being human.


Fabulous Four

Fabulous four days spent with my family. You would think after a 5 hour flight the kids would be exhausted but no. One had to dance and spin while the other played Jack – in – the – box.


Whirling Bree

Ry in the box












After all that fun the best place to nap is on top of Uncle Bobby.

Uncle Bobby

My Sweet Potato Leaked

I baked a sweet potato the other day and not being able to eat the whole thing I put one half in the refrigerator.  I thought sweet potato and yogurt would make a good breakfast with a little wheat germ sprinkled on top.  My hand reached into the vegetable bin but doesn’t come out. I’m stuck! Rather my sweet potato is stuck.  The sweet juice leaked over the bottom of the bin and glued it in. WOW! Now I know why they are called sweet potatoes and what a great glue it would make.  This could give one food for thought.

Anything but…

As I may have mentioned I am not one for book learning and tests although I love books and learning they are not the same. So today it is anything but studying. Anything!  I am rather desperate so I have taken to washing clothes, towels, scrubbing the sinks, vacuuming the floors I might even wash windows or perhaps the truck…. anything but open my exam questions.

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