If you are not fighting it you are inviting it

Again there is a strong push to put nuclear waste in Nevada. Yucca mountain, look it up, it is right here in your backyard Vegas. The waste will be trucked right through the spaghetti bowl, a major traffic jam at any time of the day with too many accidents to enumerate. Just take a second to think about how you would feel sitting behind a truck full of nuclear waste as you sip your morning coffee.

The location is 90 miles north of Las Vegas. Are you shuddering yet? The location of the largest pit for nuclear waste will be 90 miles from your home, your children, your family!

Once you say okay to Yucca mountain do you honestly think that is the only place they will transport and store nuclear waste?

Still feeling safe? Did you know Nevada was number 4 in the U.S. Geological survey list for the states with the most seismic activity behind Alaska, California, and Hawaii. That means earthquake activity. Do you want to discuss the near by active volcanoes? Check out Utah, Reno and California.

Or maybe you just care about your personal wallet. The guarantee of property values falling. Your silence is a message that you believe all this to be okay. So will you invite nuclear waste into your home? 



Dumpster Diving

The other day I had the back of my truck full with heavy boxes. All the usual chubby warm neighbors where hanging out on their porch or in the windows watching. Down the road the smiling man who always stops to check the dumpster for plastic bottles and recyclables was walking towards me. He offered to help me carry a few boxes up the stairs. I said no thank you and explained I did not have any money to give him.  He simply smiled and picked up a box. When the truck was almost empty he continued on his way. We said nothing but smiled at each other. 

A week later I saw him. That morning I had a bag of freshly baked cookies I was going to surprise a friend with. Instead I gave them to him. I guess I did surprise a friend.

One can find amazing things when dumpster diving. like a new friend.