At It Again

Well, the mortgage company is at it again or perhaps it is their last ditch effort.  More harassing insulting rude calls.  What do they do put out an ad calling for all mean, nasty,obnoxious people who like to cause others pain and upset please apply.  “We have the job for you!  How would you like to call unemployed people whose house has fallen into foreclosure and upset them and disrupt their life?  Are you good at insulting and attempts at intimidation?  Then this is the job for you!  Do you gain pleasure from others distress? Get all your aggressions out as you verbally attack and threaten defenseless people over the phone.”

Perhaps if the mortgage company was fair in the first place such things would not happen.

Took a hike in the red rocks found some really interesting pictographs. The wind kicked up so hard it almost knocked me over 3 times. Finally left to return to the city where the wind spoke a little more softly.


Hot Days & Long Lines

The last thing you want to be doing when it is over 110 degrees outside is to wait in line at the post office.  Not usually the speediest service in town the heat seems to have slowed down the folks working the counter.  What I did learn while waiting in line is that if you do not renew your passport on time you can only renew for 5 years and people under 16 do not sign the passport.  As for my purchase they still sell stamped envelopes which is great to know when you need to mail off a self addressed stamped envelope and don’t want to buy a whole package.

90 Days

I was just walking back from the library when a real estate agent stopped me and said, “They have to give you 90 days after the sale.”  I let you know if that is ture or not.  I just got a post card asking if I still occupy the house.  They send them out every other month.  I think they should come pre-stamped.

New Day

Not much more information to give you.  No new letters or phone calls except for all the scam letters promising to stop foreclosure.  You can’t believe everything you read.  Found a different consignment shop that is interested in selling the furniture.  I will get in touch with them tomorrow to finalize arrangements.

Wonderful Day

The name of a town popped into my mind this morning so I did a short scan on craigslist and found 3 jobs I wanted to apply for.  Two jobs called me within 15 minutes of my sending a resume.  The consignment shop canceled their morning visit but booked again for tomorrow. Right now my focus is on Monday and the possibility of work again.

I had already planned to make it a self nurturing day and so I did with a facial and massage,  It is amazing how something so simple can adjust your attitude so drastically and positively.  Wonderful day for me and I hope for you as well.

Moving from side to side

Some days it just feels like I am moving one pile from side to side or room to room until I finally, as I did yesterday, load up the truck and take everything to Goodwill. The less I have the better I feel.  The other night I spent a few hours listing books and furniture on Craigslist and ebay still have not gotten a single call.  Times are really hard for everyone right now.

I.m actually looking forward to the consignment shop pricing the furniture tomorrow. Of course I will get only 50% and that is if it sells within 30 days.  It will just be nice not to look at furniture any more.  I am not sure that I will buy any when I do find new digs. Less is more as they say and I am beginning to see the wisdom in that.

Other Possibilities

I just learned about other possibilities.  Please be patient with me the stress and unknown experience left me not thinking as clearly as normally.  I found there are many on line outlets to sell my books including textbooks.  Some buy outright others give “cash” that can only be used at their store while other you post and control the sale.  As for the furniture of course the consignment shops but one gentleman told me there is an ebay classified where you can sell items locally for free.  Just listed everything and now relax and wait.

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