Memory Foam

Monsoon season hit Las Vegas and I was waiting for a friend. The wind outside had been steadily getting stronger and the clouds finally burst dumping a torrent of rain accompanied by thunder and lightening. I ran for cover. It just so happened to be a department store closing and having a 50% off sale. As I walked about I saw a few things that would be fun to have but not needed. Wandering into the shoe department I saw a pair of running shoes, the only pair, and they happened to be just my size. I tried them on not expecting them to fit being full of some odd padding called memory foam.

Wow! They fit and were extremely, comfortable. So I left the store and went to meet my friend. The rain had stopped and if it was meant to be the sneakers would be there if I returned.

About 45 minutes later I went back. Someone had looked at the shoes but not purchased them. I could tell the box was open. I tried on both and both shoes fit perfectly even though the box was labeled “Display Model”.  As I walked about the store carrying the shoes debating to purchase or not I began to wonder. What exactly is memory foam?

What would my shoes remember? Unlike Hansel and Gretel would I now never get lost? The words I sometimes forget would they now need simply a shake of my foot to come to mind? Perhaps they are a snitch and will tell about every step I took and if I unknowingly stepped on a bug.  Memory foam could be some type of alien life form.  I tried them on again and sat for a moment seeing if I could feel the memory of others whose feet have gone before me. I felt nothing. Finally I bought the shoes.

Yesterday I wore them as I needed to go to the supermarket. Bravely I did not take a shopping list. There was no need to, I was proudly wearing memory foam. Perhaps this is the cure for forgetfulness or senior moments? I marched up and down the isles and all was going well until I balked. My feet refused to continue on. I looked up I had been down this isle before. I sent the foam a mental message that I was only cutting through as it was a shorter path and suddenly my feet were freed to continue. 

Returning home I removed my shoes and looked inside at the memory foam wondering what it was thinking or remembering about out adventure. Who would it tell. If someone came by and put on my shoes would they know all that I have done? would they be privy to my memories? Is nothing sacred any more?  I hope they only remember the good times.

As I told my son about my memory foam concerns, what would they remember, would they share the memories, could it be the next great cure? He asked the question only a boy could ask,”Mom, seriously, you are over thinking this. Were they comfortable?”

Oh, and yes, they were extremely comfortable.