Awesome Yoga

Great yoga class tonight.  No children running about yelling and disrupting the class.  We got to do a real meditation, long stretches, side plank and crow, balance poses eyes closed. It felt good to have a real yoga class once again.

Rain and snow expected this week end. Cold goes deep into the bones here.  But I always have tonight.


Warmth glides through my body

arms and legs reach for opposite stars

pulling in the peace

the strong breath of life

stars now hidden behind thick clouds

promises of cold cold days thick with rain and snow

but for now the warmth stays within


What is the meaning of OM (AUM)

In Sanskrit the meaning of OM is one who protects or sustains. The Vedic meaning is a symbol for everything, the universe. The word is made up of 3 parts:

AUM, The Ahh is the physical world, U the though world, M the dream world.  Existence. What exists before exists now.

Om is the infinite vibration which passes through all things. It “works” on a vibrational level as does the universe and our physical and spiritual bodies. Yhe sound awakens the deepest part of spirit, creator or the universal energy.  The essence of OM unites us all.

When you read the few short sentences it all sounds so simple but take a moment to contemplate the 3 sounds AUM and all that it represents.  Imagine the power of one simple 3 part sound that can awaken the deepest essence of ourselves and at the same time link all beings past and present together. This is truly awesome.

Dragon Dancing

I have made a commitment to change my life style is a number of ways since I have designed my Dragon Dancing “Routine”.  Dragon Dancing has 5 parts.

Awaken & Call the Dragon

Greet & Honor the Dragon

Dance with the Dragon

Meditate & Listen to the Wisdom of the Dragon

Release & Thank the Dragon

So each morning I go through the “routine” and set my intention for the day. Do 10 push ups and hold plank for 60 seconds.  I do not believe that everything must be raw food but 70% of what I eat is now raw.   I really working on sticking to my water intake and use distilled because of the health benefits including helping to rid the body of calcium deposits. It is spring in Las Vegas which means the heat is rising so this is not a difficult practice.

How has my life changed? Between the rose quartz on my phone at night and dragon dancing I have become surrounded by kind loving people and the negative have just faded away without word or deed or trauma/drama. The dragons are inspiring and help me to reconnect with my dreams and true self.  They instill the power and courage to walk into the dream and act upon them.  When you stand still in dragon stance you can hear the dragon whisper for if you are not listening it will not speak.  A wonderful way to begin each day.

The one dragon that I seem to have a tender spot in my heart for is the Homeless Dragon that lives in the ocean but the desert is not the place to meet so I will travel to the north east and the Atlantic ocean.  I have dreamed about the Atlantic crashing  against the rocks in Maine for the past week so I know it should be soon.

Weigh In

Today was the end of the two week detox.  Just because it is the end of the scheduled detox it is not the end of my healthy eating and exercise.  I did do the competition as impetus to begin and to get back on track.  So I know you want to hear the results.  Since I was weighed on their scale and measured by them I will go by that.  Therefore….I lost 5.6 pounds and 6″ over all.  This is not using any body wrap or artificial supplements just healthy foods, balanced diet and exercise. So  congratulations to me! I have designed a program, a lifestyle, that I call: Walk In Beauty. It is based on the Native American Medicine Wheel and not only addresses but heals body, mind, heart and spirit.  We are a whole complete being and all parts of self must be recognized.

The enter the wheel in silence thus creating sacred space. Our body is the center and the shell or physical must be healthy. The mind holds great power. What our thoughts create become real through word and action. The heart or emotion guide us to move in various directions and the spirit tells us what is right or wrong. Various exercises from qi gong and yoga are done in each direction with a purpose.

First we stand in the east direction our arms open wide face up to the sun.  Here we seek answers to questions as we open the heart to feel. Next walk to the south where emotions reside and lower into child’s position. Glide out of child’s onto the knees and chest like a wave of the ocean and stretch up into cobra. The cobra leads us to the west and press the body into plank then up into lightening bolt positions of strength and honor of the thunder beings and physical body. The North direction takes us to the spirit, to the wisdom of the ancestors.  In the north stand still and breathe inhale wisdom and exhale stress. Gather the chi from the center of the earth and pull it up over head then gather the chi and wisdom of the sky and ancients and pull it down over the head and off the toes. Again stand tall and listen.


Yesterday I went to hear a Buddhist monk from Chicago speak about meditation and mindfulness yesterday. I have been pretty pissed off about someone stealing my sparkly bits phrase and claiming it as her own but then I listened to his talk.  From the examples he gave I was able to see myself reflected back. It is about her and her karma all that happens when I stay upset is I get stuck in the story.  I said my piece, spoke up for myself and now I move on.

He also said it is important to own your emotions and speak honestly about them. I did that part.  Now to get back into the moment, the now or mindfulness. So when I woke up this morning I began working on my canvas (please see my blog at and now I am going to do my morning yoga, shower and begin a happy, peaceful, and healthy day. Namaste & Sparkly bits, Yotaki

Courage to Stand

Today I will muster up the courage to stand on a scale.  I was so proud when I reached a size 0.  I am afraid that now I have gone up to a 2.  All this sitting in the truck and driving cross country then planting myself back in Vegas and going to lunch with friends. So today I begin a detox, no red meat, no sugar, no white flour, the whole bit.  Of course it begins with stepping on the scale and being measured. OMG!!!! But after that the race is on.  Steam and sauna, eat right, (the refrigerator is full of spinach in preparation), meditation and daily yoga/qi gong practice.  Check back in two weeks when we check the results.

I was planning on wearing a snow suit and hiking boots for the weigh in but my integrity kicked in so bare feet, yoga pants and and shirt just like my final weigh in will be. I hope I make it through the encounter with a scale without too much depression.  Wish me luck today!


I had an interview, or I think I did, I know I scheduled one; anyway the studio owner was 30 minutes late.  I called her after five minutes and it was obvious she had forgotten the appointment she set up. When she came it was more like I was target practice than a perspective instructor. She told me she was a busy person and kept walking in and out of the room doing all sorts of things.  Her tone was very brisk. Perhaps she had experienced flaky people in the past but I do not like being judged by others behavior. The end result was she asked me to send her an email of times and classes I would like to teach.

She asked me to say my name again, Yo – Ta _Ki I added: meaning little one with energy.  Jumping on me she said that was her and there could not be two of us. Her name is Gayla and she actually is shorter than me but there is no resemblance. I repeated that it was my name and smiled.

I did send the class list to her but I am not sold on her or her studio.  A very harsh and judgmental person is not who I see myself working with. Next week I shall speak with another studio and hope for a more positive meeting. This one today has left me feeling very odd.

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