Women & Plastic Strawsart

Here is a link to a fantastic women’s initiative in Uganda.  Please watch what can be done with discarded straws.



Premeditated murder, when you plan ahead to kill. I am not a murderer but I am premeditating.

Today I bought 5 rat traps. The last pack rat I saw was larger than a softball and I know he has been in my house. How do I know? He stole my pumpkin seeds and carried them about. I found some in my boots in the kitchen, within my towels in the bathroom and behind the pillow on the living room futon. I hear it at night and that is not conducive to sleep.

Two sticky traps for mice, bugs, scorpions are in place. The only thing with action are the two ant trap/bates that have invited every ant in the desert inside. They are supposed to bring the poison back to the nest but?  For now I am dubious.

I dread finding a rat in the trap but dread more finding one face to face with me. I hope the rabbits and quail do not poke their heads where they do not belong. hat would really make me sad.

I am sure every rancher and farmer are having a good laugh and all the no kill animals are condemning me but neither are in my shoes. If they would only stay outside and away from my tiny space I would be grateful. My home is sacred, a haven and I need to feel safe.  Yeah, I’m feeling guilty and nothing has yet been caught.

Adventures in an Aluminum Can

So it is the day of new year eve should be getting ready for my new mattress and box springs delivery. Well, that’s not happening. Changes in delivery so I won’t have a bed until mid-January. I can deal with that you can’t miss what you don’t have right?  Instead of getting ready to go to town for tonight’s festivities my toilet tank stops filling and I become a master plumber.

Why doesn’t it fill? Google says I need a new fill tank thing. In the meantime I take my spanner and dis connect the flexible hose that runs water into the tank suspiciously nothing is coming through. But what do I know Google says it is the tank thing which doesn’t look like any one I have ever seen. I bang and scrape a bit knocking off calcium and other crystals and a tiny drips falls.

Okay, it is noon and nothing seems to be changing so it qualifies as needing a run into town. Off I go first to the Dollar stores and finally to my friendly but expensive hardware store. Blah blah blah the salesman shows me this and that. Bob and weave and I rush back to try his suggestions. Now they close in 45 minutes and nothing has worked so I race back down the mountain. This time I speak to the plumbing expert who tells me it sounds like my pipes are frozen.  That doesn’t make sense since all the other water spouts work but she thinks I should crawl under the aluminum can and inspect the pipes.

That is not gonna happen!

I do know that when she starts talking eventually she will strike gold. She shows me a replacement kit and flexible hose. Tells me to get a wire and clean out the hose and….. her voice goes into Charlie Brown mode because I think the hose is the problem. Just in case and since it is new years eve and no one will be open tomorrow and I would like to be able to flush for a few days I buy all the parts. The first piece I replace is the flexible hose and water flows.  I knew it wasn’t a frozen pipe. As luck would have it the piece I just bought is too short. So before I start breaking parts that look like they might just still work I push the wire through the old hose run it under hot water to clear it out reattach, turn on the water flow and bingo the tank starts running like a river. All is well and in two days I will return the unnecessary purchase.

I did learn a number of good survival techniques and truths about living on well water. One of her suggestions was to buy a water filter that goes on the pipe bringing water into the alum can. That sounds like an excellent solution for avoiding new crisis.

So the old year closes on a high note and welcomes in a new adventure.

photo 1photo 2I know the aluminum can doesn’t look like much now but just wait until I post what the inside remodel looks like and create a veneer.

If you are not fighting it you are inviting it

Again there is a strong push to put nuclear waste in Nevada. Yucca mountain, look it up, it is right here in your backyard Vegas. The waste will be trucked right through the spaghetti bowl, a major traffic jam at any time of the day with too many accidents to enumerate. Just take a second to think about how you would feel sitting behind a truck full of nuclear waste as you sip your morning coffee.

The location is 90 miles north of Las Vegas. Are you shuddering yet? The location of the largest pit for nuclear waste will be 90 miles from your home, your children, your family!

Once you say okay to Yucca mountain do you honestly think that is the only place they will transport and store nuclear waste?

Still feeling safe? Did you know Nevada was number 4 in the U.S. Geological survey list for the states with the most seismic activity behind Alaska, California, and Hawaii. That means earthquake activity. Do you want to discuss the near by active volcanoes? Check out Utah, Reno and California.

Or maybe you just care about your personal wallet. The guarantee of property values falling. Your silence is a message that you believe all this to be okay. So will you invite nuclear waste into your home? 


Today I am Tired

Today I am tired.

I am tired of hearing you complain then reading some awful platitude you post or happy happy affirmation. I know you because I read what you wrote just earlier and for the past years I have known you and not one of your positive love life and the world comments have entered or even touched your heart and soul.  That you speak so righteously of, is non-existent in your world.

I was listening to a tape the other day. Yes, I did say tape. Sam Keen: Collection of Myths we live and Die By It speaks about Joseph Campbell and his teachings on myth. It was published in 1988 where he makes predictions for and about the future of humanity. How in the 19th century the focus was all about becoming an individual and standing up alone. He states his fear for the future if by the 20th century we do not learn to live together.  He speaks of the need for community and people who have been at war to learn to live in harmony.

Keen speaks about the institutions, the companies polluting the air, governmental fractions warning now is the time to live in harmony with the natural world to join together and save the earth, humanity, live.  There was not one platitude or affirmation only eye opening truth.

“History calls us to dwell together as a community of sentient beings.” Keen So just for a moment stop being more loving, more spiritual more guru than the one next to you and become a collaboration of sentient beings in harmony.

Victory Garden

In my grandparent’s day the government encouraged everyone to grow their own food, to have a victory garden. Today they are talking about taxing people who grow their own food and raise “cattle” to feed their family. Nothing was mentioned about taxing the hunters per deer but they might cover that under the hunting permit, I don’t know.

How can a government tax an individual who has one goat for milk, one sheep for wool and food and various herbs and vegetables? When you sell products you are taxed as sales tax.  Remember the old movie Solent Green? Are the factories now just waiting to starve the populous and then turn them into food. Where have our basic survival rights gone? Not to mention human rights?

One needs to learn to forage for food in the area we live in. Learn to recognize the plants, berries that grow wild and are safe to ingest.  Even here in the desert there are many plants one can survive on but still: How dare you take away my right to grow food for myself and my family!